Monday, January 02, 2012

fresh start

I have decided I am starting the year as I mean to finish, so yesterday and today I cleared out all my lingering WIP’s and frogged them, re-skeined the wool, and then set to cataloging and clearing The Stash.

I really find I don’t use the Ravelry stash function very much, in all honesty, so I am quite lax in uploading new purchases.  I am starting to wonder if there is any part of denial in this action though?!  I seem to have snuck quite a bit into the house this year, despite not going to Bendigo and being what I though was quite cautious this year!

(for example, there's two jumpers' worth of madelinetosh still just sitting there begging to be knit)

I am going follow in the Stash n Burn path and try to adopt a “harm-reduction” policy for 2012. so, wherever possible, knitting only from stash   {pause for laughter} 

No, really   {further pause..}

This little hat is my first FO for 2012.  “Swirl Hat”, using (stash!) Socks that Rock Lightweight – Hard Rock.

I love STR colourways...  In the skein.

I am perpetually disappointed in them knit up, however.  I can’t stand the pooling, and usually try and find patterns that “shift” the yarn to minimise it.  This hat does a reasonable job, I think? 

Unfortunately, I really do think I’ve fallen out of love with variegated yarns though.  I like a subtle variation in my yarns – plain solids look a bit meh, but I’m favouring more tweed, or semi-solids these days. 

Which doesn’t bode well for the amount of stash yarn I have that is variegated...suggestions?

I was also going to do the mosaic of my FO’s for 2011, but as I was loading up the photos I came to the realisation that I don’t actually *like* much of what I knitted last year?  It all felt like duty knitting, most of it was to give away, nothing really jumps out at me as WOW, and I have barely worn any of the things I knit for myself.

2012 is going to be a different story, hopefully.  I have seen a few bloggers posting about their plans for the year ahead, knitting-wise, and I am going to sit down and draft up some ideas too.  
To assist, I ordered this book:

I love vintage knitting, and this book has been on my list for quite some time.   I'm hoping it's going to provide some inspiration and ignite the dying spark, cos I definitely need my mojo back!


Faeryfay said...

Ooooh, I love the swirl hat. I have knitted it before, but only for babies and only in baby colours. I love yours! Well done!

Emma said...

I'm with you on variegated yarns. I always get sucked in by how pretty they look in the skein/ball, and then quickly realise that they don't really suit me.

Looking forward to seeing what you knit from A Stitch In Time. It's a really great collection of patterns.

Rose Red said...

Good on you for frogging - I will be doing a wee bit of that too in the next few weeks.

I'm with you in the variegated yarn, it is a tricky creature isn't it.

2paw said...

Well done with your 'ratonalisation'. For cardigans I like the semi-solids because I can wear them with patterns. I love pooling so your hat is very pretty, and pooled!!
I don't use The Ravelry stash either. I think I am too lazy and it fills up the Flickr. Though maybe I can load from my computer now?
happy New Year!!

Bells said...

I've been frogging too!

i can't recommend adding stash to rav enough - it's really a great way to be able to catch what you've got at a glance when considering new projects etc.

DrK said...

im very much out of love with variegated yarns. i am also very much out of love with STR as i do not have one pair of socks made with it that hasnt completely drained of colour or felted to buggery. i probably wont buy anymore, not when there are so many other new and pretty yarns these days. but that swirl hat really is fantastic! i do think highly variegated yarns work well in a clapotis, or monkey socks. and thats about it. i dont do the stash on rav thing either. i know what i have, its too much effort to photograph it all!