Saturday, December 31, 2011

farewell 2011, hello 2012!

I can't wait for tonight, to herald in the dawn of a shiny and fresh new year!  Not that 2011 has been terrible, but I have a good feeling about 2012... 

I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet gathering tonight, free from all the hoopla and stress that so often accompanies NYE celebrations.  Instead I'm heading off to a friends' seaside place, pitching a tent in their back yard and we will be surrounded by a group of lovely, lovely people all with similar expectations for the evening.  There are a heap of kids in tow, so there will be sparklers and glow sticks, lots of giggles and fun, plus some excellent bbq food and drink, and many laughs.

I am so very blessed with my friends.

I'm also looking forward to the new year, because it means I get to put up my new calendar!

At Meredith this year, my girl and I decided to do a bit of a project over the weekend.  We spent time taking photos of all the "icons" of Meredith, and the things about it that make it so very special to us.

I had the images translated into a 2012 calendar, and I've been dying to put it up since we got the finished article.

We also had one made for the people who shared the weekend with us and made it the very awesome weekend it was.

so, here's to 2012.  How can it be anything less than fantastic, when we're surrounded by  friends as ace as this?

Happy New Year, everyone!


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DrK said...

i looove your calendar, what a great idea. and yes, im glad to see the arse end of 2011. i wouldnt have got through it without some of my friends. im hoping 2012 brings a bit of pay off for all the hard work, for all of us!