Sunday, July 08, 2012

a cure for wan and restless?

There is only so much time one can spend on the couch before the appeal starts to wane unfortunately, and today this time came for us!  I was restless and feeling the need to get some rosy apples in cheeks.  The the fresh sea air was calling, so Lily and I rugged up (it was 11 degrees here!) and headed to the shore.

I convinced her to model my 100 Beanies hat for me, too.

I am constantly astounded and amazed at the gorgeous young woman that smiles back at me from photos.  Where did my baby girl go?

We spent a lovely couple of hours wandering around, taking photos, chatting, and people-watching.  It was just the ticket.

Modelling, it would seem, comes at a price and it seems she has claimed this beanie for herself, ahem.  Lucky I have more of the wool on hand (Bendigo Luxury 10ply; Lake colourway) and as soon as we got home, I cast on a duplicate.  The pattern is a freebie - Kami.  Knit in the round on 5mm, it was smooth and quick to knit up, and I love the slouchy fit.  I may just be making one for myself too!

I also finished another pair of rugged boot socks this week, as a gift.  Two nights of solid knitting and voila!  - they were done! Still amazes me...

Back to work next week and strangely  enough, I am looking forward to it.  I like having time away, don't get me wrong, but I am missing the sense of routine, and fitting things in to a busy schedule.  With a blank day ahead of me, I found I tended to squander it a little, and haven't accomplished nearly as much as I intended or anticipated  to this last week.  Not that it was really a holiday, per se, as someone keeps reminding me - I was technically supposed to be convalescing...

I'm not the most patient of patients, in case there was any doubt.


Rose Red said...

What a great hat! And my, isn't your girl growing up! Amazing!

There's nothing like the seaside for a bit of a change, is there!

2paw said...

It is a great hat, and I think you need one too. Aren't 8ply socks great?? They are just so satisfyingly quick to knit!!
There is something very wonderful about the beach air.