Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I'm off work this week after having some minor surgery on my ankle to remove the metal plate from last year's little mishap, so I'm making to most of the time on the couch and knitting up a storm while watching Mad Men.  It's quite the life.

First finished project was this wee baby hat, just for funsies.  A baby's bonnet is something quite old-fashioned these days I know, but I couldn't resist this feather and fan number, mainly due to the pattern name - Sourball.

Isn't it wonderful?!

A simple feather and fan lace lends naturally to the bonnet shape and the gathering at the nape of the neck.  

Next I finished off some gift socks which have been plaguing me for a while now.  They were mainly finished while waiting to go into surgery, and provided a nice distraction from my grumbling tummy - fasting from midnight for a 7am admission is no fun, especially when you don't go into theatre til 11am!

These have knitted up well, and although not identical, I think they do alright as a fraternal pair.  I  didn't love the yarn, as previously discussed, and although the final result is pleasing enough, I wouldn't rush back to use it again.

I've also promised to send a contribution to this project - the 100 Beanie Drive.

Have you seen or heard about it yet?  It's a great initiative, and Australian.  I don't mind sending things overseas to good causes, but it is nice to be able to support a local project for a change too.  I had never thought about the fact that there might be a need for more bloke or gender-neutral chemo beanies.

If you have time, go check out the link above and sign up to help her out.  100 beanies seems like a very achievable goal, I reckon.

And finally, as is already apparent, I've changed the "look" of the blog yet again.  Are you sick of me yet??  

For some reason, I have had trouble settling down on the style I want for this little space of mine, but I think for now I'm happy with this version. 

I'm rather fond of my new banner, I have to say.  I've been having so much fun with Instagram lately and I really like the look of all my photos in collage.  Little snippets of my days.

I'm also taking part in #photoadayjuly, which is organised by fatmumslim.  Basically she puts up a list each month of daily "themes" or inspirations and people take a photo a day based around these ideas.  I participated in the May one, and have returned to have a go at the July one.  It's a bit of fun, and I love thinking of how I'm going to interpret the daily topic each morning.  It's also cool to check out what other people have done and where they have taken inspiration from.

You can check out my photos at Instagram, if you're interested.  I'm kgirlknits over there too.

So that's what has been keeping me occupied this week - hope you're all having a great week too.

happy knitting, I'm back to my couch! x


Rose Red said...

Obviously it is the time for renovations! Looks great!

I love the bonnet, very cool. Great colours, makes it look hip!

Hope you are recovering well!

Bells said...

bonnets are so lovely. There aren't enough babies in bonnets in my view! Good work.

Isn't madmen great!

I agree about sending knits locally - it's good to do stuff for our own people in need.

2paw said...

Hope you are recovering well and feeling better. The bonnet is so lovely, I think that there are always friends with babies who appreciate a little old fashioned bonnetry!!