Saturday, September 15, 2012

WIP around...

Lots of starting, not a lot of finishing going on this week...

My Cosy Manayunk is oh-so-close to finished.  

I cast off the second front last Friday night, now it just awaits seaming and the button bands.

It's a lovely pattern; very simple and straightforward.  I omitted the stripes because I thought they might make the garment a bit limited, but having seen some striped versions on Ravelry (like this one, and this one), I may just be persuaded to make another at some point.

Because I cast off my simple knitting, that meant I was left looking for something simple to take to our SnB lunch the next day.

I finally settled on Straightforward Mitts, using some leftover baby alpaca from Moggie and Me.  It's leftover from my Ishbel, which is in high wardrobe rotation, so I thought they would be a great compliment for each other.  And that yarn, oh my!  so soft and buttery, mmm...

Sadly, Straightforward was somewhat of a misnomer.  Twisted rib, increasing around a central stitch every second row, then throw in a simultaneous thumb gusset increase...

In 3 hours, I managed to get up to the beginning of the thumb gusset before admitting defeat.

Then I ripped back to the cuff once I got home.

Last night, in 2 hours I've almost achieved completion of the first mitt.   I should know my limitations for our lunches.  I just enjoy our groups' company so much, it's too hard to listen to all the conversations and count stitches!

Whilst I was working out whether I was going to continue with the mitts, I also swatched for Miette, a sweet cropped cardigan to wear with pretty dresses.  I'm not 100% sold on the colour, but it fits the gauge and was in the stash, plus it does go quite nicely with a couple of fabrics I have earmarked to sew up into dresses.

The yarn is Bendigo Luxury 10ply - Lake, which is such a treat to knit with, and if nothing else, this garment will take the best part of 3x 200g balls out of the stash, so I'm pretty happy with that!

Thank you to everyone who sent me get well's last week, too.  I'm pleased to say the lurgy seems to have finally left the building, and I'm happily back skating, training, and smashy-smashy-ing!! 

Happy girl.


2paw said...

lawaki22Oh your cardi looks lovely, a hair's breadth from being finished. Those mitts definitely sound less than straightforward. Glad your lurgy has gone.

Rose Red said...

You have the best knitting! I have knitting envy!