Monday, September 03, 2012

waste not, want not

Unfortunately, I succumbed to the damn cold that's been shadowing me for nearly a month. I kept telling it to GO AWAY, but it finally stopped being scared of me...

Being sick is boring and frustrating, in nearly all regards.  I can't skate because my ears are full of fluid, putting me off-balance, and any sort of cardio exercise sends me into a coughing fit I can't control.  Derby and skating makes me most happy, so unfortunately for all around me, I have been a major grump to deal with..

All the above frustrations do have the significant up-side of meaning I have been forced to spend time resting and recuperating.  

To this end, I finished my Kaffe Latte socks on the weekend.  I used 2 balls, in an effort to get the stripes as "matchy" as possible, and I think I can say I succeeded.  

I also used 2.25mm needles, instead of my usual 2.5/2.75mm, and the result was a very pleasing fit.  The fabric is firmer (of course) than I'm used to, but they feel snug-in-a-good-way on my feet.  

There was about 30g left over from the two balls of yarn, so in the spirit of not wasting , nor having lingering stash yarn,  I used up the remainder to make this sweet baby hat.

I'm adding it to my baby-shower gift box, for when I need a gift next, so somewhere out there in the future, some baby's head  is going to match my feet!

There are worse things, I am sure.


Rose Red said...

Ugh on being sick. Sadly, I am with you on that, I've had some sort of weird flu virus for a week now. Not sick enough to be really sick, just annoying.

Great socks, great hat!

Sue said...

The socks look fantastic and I love the baby hat. I will have to remember to do that with my leftovers. Pity about the cold but lots of people have had the flu and an awful virus which I have now had both of, and hopefully nothing else to catch. Hope you have a great week.

Leonie said...

That's an awesome pair of socks and the hat rocks!

DrK said...

i love this yarn so much, and my giftee of these socks wears them ALL the time. such a great set of colours. and bugger about the sick and not skating. not skating is like a serious illness in itself, so ive been told.

2paw said...

I'm sorry your cold has had a win, I hope it goes away immediately. I love your socks, the thing I love most is that the stripes match. Well done!!! They look fantastic.

Bells said...

they are beautifully matching! I like to honour the stripes of this sock yarn too and do the same thing. It's fun. And a hat! a CUTE hat!

Hope you're on the mend!