Friday, October 12, 2012

comfort shawl

So, I have been holding off posting here since my last WIP-around, in the hope that I would finish at least a few of those projects and have something to show you, but it just doesn't seem to be happening!

Not only have I not finished any of those WIP's, I've cast on more!!

First was a  feather and fan comfort shawl...

Super-simple free pattern, which I'm knitting up in Poem 4ply sock, after seeing one of our knitting group women using it.  It's got long striping colour repeats, similar to Noro I guess, and a nice fuzzy halo.

Also like Noro, the skein I have was full of bloody knots!!  Although Poem is much cheaper (I purchased it on sale at Spotlight for about $10), I was just as peeved about the knots and the fact that they COMPLETELY upset the colour repeats.

Here's how much I had to wind off the skein after breaking the yarn, to get it back in sequence.

Not impressed.  And unfortunately, I made the mistake of buying 4 skeins of it.  If I can find my receipt, it will all be going back, I think.

I also quickly knit up a ski headband and a beret for Lily, at her request.

The headband was an attempt to replicate one she had seen in a surf shop for a mere $40, and it's been worn a fair bit, so I think I succeeded.

The beret used up the remainder of the yarn from the headband, which was a bonus.  I haven't managed a photo of the beret yet though, will have to be on the list for next time.

so, that's what I've been up to.  A firm pact has been made with myself, and now witnessed by you, to have some finished pieces to share next post!!


2paw said...

Sometimes you just have to start something new. How annoying to find knots, and breaks in colour continuity. I would be cross too. Love the ski headband!!

Rose Red said...

Can't be unhappy with a hand knit being worn lots!

All those knots, on the other hand - ugh, how annoying!

DrK said...

hehe, i feel the same way about 'waiting to finish something before posting'. as you can tell, ive given up that idea! that is soooo annoying about that yarn, i'd take it back too. disappointing too, because it was looking really interesting.