Friday, October 26, 2012

one down, don't count how many to go!

WIP's that is!

I finally finished my Straightforward Mitts. 

Originally, I'd cast off a lot shorter on both the thumb and the finger sections because I feared running out of wool (I only had 34g/120m).  

Finishing the second mitt, I realised I had plenty to make the mitts a bit longer, so I unpicked the cast off on both sections and knit them to their final length as shown in the first picture.  So much happier with them this length, much more wearable!  And I still have about 5g of yarn left - it's like a magic pudding.

To recap:
Yarn - Moggy and me baby alpaca - "Splat!"
Needles - 2.5mm

Then, once they were finished, I did what I always do and cast on something new!

I've got approximately 3 weeks to turn this yarn and this fabric into an outfit for a picnic wedding in the country.

Totally do-able :)

The yarn has been cast on as "Footlights", a sweet vintage-inspired cropped cardigan with a pretty shell lace pattern, and the dress is destined to become New Look 6910, Version D.

I've made this dress before in black, with white polka dots, and I wear it so much.  It's a really flattering style on me, and suitable for loads of different ways of wear, so I'm excited about having another version in my wardrobe.

I love the idea of a sweet cotton frock and handknitted little cardi, and it's an outfit so apt for this particular wedding.  A country hall for the service then a picnic reception in the hall's grounds, complete with picnic basket lunch and croquet.

Could it be any more lovely, do you think?


WildflowerWool said...

Love the mitts! Looking forward to the seeing the progress on the cardi and dress AND pictures of Spring. Winter is just around the corner here!

Donna (Random Knits) said...

Agree 100% about the sundress and cardi look! And the combo you have there will be darling, can't wait to see it :)

Leonie said...

The cardi/dress combo looks gorgeous! What colour is the cardi going to be?

kgirl said...

its a sweet pinky purple colour. can't think of a descriptive name for the colour - delphinium?

kgirl said...
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Sue said...

Mittens look wonderful. The wedding sounds like it is going to be beautiful. I cant wait to see how your outfit turns out too.

2paw said...

Wow, I love the pattern on the mittens and they fit so well. Oh yes, that is such a great dress pattern and I am looking forward to seeing your outfit!!

Rose Red said...

That is going to be THE BEST outfit at the wedding! PERFECT! You can do it!

Love those mitts, what a great pattern. Must queue it, if I haven't already!

Bells said...

oh that outfit is going to be gorgeous!!!

Those mittens - I've never seen them. they are adorable. Good find!

DrK said...

gorgeous combination of colours and patterns there. you will look a treat! and i looove those mitts, so simple but so striking.