Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Wedding outfit and other tales...

For those of you keeping track, you might remember that I recently ambitiously set out to make an outfit for a wedding I was attending.  Thinking I had three weeks, it seemed totally do-able.

Until I realised I had two weeks, not three!

Right up til the last minute (Wednesday, wedding on Saturday), I was still holding out hope.  The cardigan only needed the sleeves and the band, and then I could start making the dress.

Then, Wednesday night, as I was getting the fabric ready to cut out, the exhaust fan-light combo unit shorted and an electrical fire started in my bathroom.  Within minutes, the flames were fairly large and I feared it was getting into the roof! 

I was outside at this point, having been advised to evacuate by the operator on 000, and it was perhaps the singular most terrifying thing I have had to do in my life to date.  Everything I owned inside a flat on fire.  I have never been so grateful to hear fire engine sirens in my life, even though it seemed like an eternity.

No-one was hurt thankfully and I didn't lose many possessions (a few towels and other bits of bathroom items - all easily replaced), however the entire flat suffered smoke damage and I had to move out for nearly 3 weeks while it was repaired and repainted.  

Finishing the outfit in time for the wedding suddenly fell from priority.  I ended up wearing another outfit, store-bought but lovely nonetheless, and it was fine.

I did finally finish the cardigan though.  

It was one of those ambitious projects all round.  I thought I had 8 balls of the wool (Heirloom Baby 4ply, 25g balls) but I only had 6?  

So it's a little more cropped and the sleeves are a little shorter than I would have done, but now that it's done I actually love it!  The length will sit perfectly on full-skirt dresses, and the sleeves are a sweet length.

Oh, and the wedding was a couple of weekends ago now, and it was LOVELY!  

A beautiful country summer's day, with sunshine and smiles both in abundance.  The bride and her fella looked equally gorgeous and in love, as did their two little girls who were in attendance as the sweetest little flowergirls.

This was the setting...to the right of this shot were three huge old pine trees where we sat in shade on picnic rugs, rejoicing the happy couple.

A more perfect day could not be imagined, I'm sure.


Rose Red said...

What a gorgeous wedding setting.

But gah! The fire! How awful. So glad nothing worse happened.

Emma said...

Wow, high drama - I would have been terrified as well! I'm glad everyone was safe and your possessions came out relatively unscathed.

Your cardigan turned out lovely, I really like the length.

Leonie said...

Lordy Woman you know how to have a busy life! Glad to hear the wedding went well, sorry for you that the bathroom didn't :-(

Reckless Glue said...

oh my god what a crazy story--so glad you are alright!

Reckless Glue said...

(also I had to try six times just to post that comment --your screen captchas were crazy!)

Miss Prudence said...

oh my Lord! You are so lucky!!!
Glad to hear you are safe and not much was lost - how fortunate!

Bells said...

oh what an awful near-tragedy! I'm glad it was not as bad as it could have been.

Beautiful wedding and outfit!

Bells said...

oh what an awful near-tragedy! I'm glad it was not as bad as it could have been.

Beautiful wedding and outfit!

DrK said...

oh my god how terrifying! you did well to hold it all together! i hope everything is ok now and you are resettled. the cardi really is gorgeous, and im sure you'll have other fabulous occassions to make gorgeous dresses for. im so glad you're safe tho!