Friday, March 08, 2013

enforced knitting time (not complaining!) seems that it's not in my stars to go a derby year without injury.  Third session back this year, I got up awkwardly from a fall and twisted my knee.  The pain was fairly intense, and it turns out I tore my lateral meniscus rather badly.

After a bit of mucking around getting a diagnosis, then further downtime waiting to see a surgeon, I have been off-skates since January 21.  

Yesterday, I  went in for surgery, had the majority of the cartilage removed apparently, and am now on the rehab wagon again.  On the up side, not being able to train has meant some significant knitting time!

I've finished a hat:

This is some more stash yarn - Bendigo Rustic in 8ply, colourway "Redcurrant".  This yarn is seriously a magic pudding ball.  I bought it years ago, but when it arrived, it was more school-uniform burgundy than deep red currant, so I've been using it up on lots of little projects over the years…a tea cosy or two, berets, armwarmers,  more hats

(still not finished the last ball!)

I've made good progress on my slog-a-long jumper - Seberg.  This is one of those classic slogs, where all the "fun" knitting is done at the beginning and then there is the interminable rounds of stocking stitch, but waiting to be taken in for day surgery helped to this end!

I did take everyone's advice onboard about my swatch dilemma, and ended up knitting the size that was most accurate to my measurements, on the smaller needles.  I'm so glad I did, because I put it on some waste yarn once I'd divided for the sleeves (it's top down) and it fits *perfectly*.
I've added some length to the body too, as the waist shaping looked like it was going to start mid chest?  I'm longer in the body than most patterns, so I added an inch before the waist shaping and an inch to the straight section.
With some concentration, I'm hoping to have this completed by the end of March, just in time for the weather to cool down.

Then, a friend of mine is off to the States for her sister's wedding, and some sightseeing, so I made her a Star Crossed slouchy beret, as she's often complemented mine. 

I started knitting it in Bendigo Luxury 10ply, but the fabric was too loose, and really wasn't going to be able to sustain the cables, so I grabbed some 4ply Cleckheaton Bamboo and knitted the two strands together.
The resulting fabric was perfect.  It's soft, but dense, and warm as toast, and it's got just the right ratio of drape/sturdiness.  

And finally, I've recently been on a bit of a 1940's kick, in a fashion sense, and a couple of weekends ago I went and had my hair set after the war-style.

Love it.  If I could, I'd wear my hair like this everyday.  Coincidentally, we've started watching "Bomb Girls", which I can thoroughly recommend.  Set in the munitions factories during World War II, it follows the stories of the women who went and worked while the men were away.


Bells said...

You poor thing. You love your derby, I know, so this would be hitting you hard. But yeah, great knitting opportunity and WOW! The 40s look is SO good on you!

2paw said...

Oh no, I hope your road to recovery is short and without any bumps. That's a lovely hat and what a clever way to use up the colour that wasn't right. Endless stocking stitch is good for watching TV. Love your Wartime hairdo!!

DrK said...

ugh im so sorry to hear about another injury! my sister did her ankle last year and couldnt derbs and she was mental! at least you have knitting, and as usual you're making gorgeous things . love the hair, totally perfect for you!

Rose Red said...

I really really want a new cardi for this winter. I have the back and one front done on one pattern but I so want to start something new...oh the endless dilemmas of knitters! Your cardi will be so great, yay for enforced knitting time (sort of - because boo to the injury).

Love love love your hair! It suits you perfectly!

Leonie said...

Gosh that hairdo is just perfect on you, the outfit sets it off to perfection. So sorry the Derby is out for a while again with that poor knee. Take care of yourself!