Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the awesomeness!

Roller Derby stitch markers!  Lego ones at that.

I found these  quite by accident online at The Quizzical Owl on the weekend, while I was recovering from my surgery.

Technically, they were listed as skateboarders, but this seller gives you the option to select the faces so a quick email to her to request "feminine or gender neutral" faces made them my custom-made Roller Derby stitch markers.

Love them.  Can't wait to use them.

Also can highly recommend this seller - she was quick to respond to my query and super-fast on the shipping.. Plus she's in Australia, so a bonus being able to support local sellers.

Go check out The Quizzical Owl, if you get a chance...

(this is not a sponsored ad!  I just like to recognise good product and great customer service, having been in the trade for many years myself)


Rose Red said...

They are so cool!

2paw said...

They are very cute and cool and what a kind seller to fulfil your every wish. Hope you are recovering well.