Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adventure time

Firstly, thank you to everyone for all the kind and supportive words both here and elsewhere, about my recent retirement; it's meant a lot to me.

When I first decided June 15th was going to be my final game, I thought it would be really smart  to book in some distractions post-date, and the first of those is a mini-break to Tassie with my honey this weekend. 3 days traipsing around Hobart and relaxing.  Bliss.

And look what got finished in time to come along?!

I can tell you now - I do declare this my favourite jumper of 2013!! More photos to follow after the trip, I'm sure.

I've also packed a little travel knitting.  Nice and simple (but not too simple) chevron scarf in Crazy Zauerball.

Not the softest to the touch (a bit nylony?) but I'm loving the vintage-y vibe of this wool. Has anyone else used it?  I'll be interested to see how it washes up...

Anyway, can't stay and chat - planes to catch and such!  

See you all after the weekend.


Rebecca said...

I have knitted with the Crazy Zauberball. It does feel a bit nylony when knitting but softens with washing and wear. Enjoy those colour transitions.

Still can't comment on your posts through Bloglovin reader...weird!

DrK said...

great idea to head out of town for a few days, i hope you're having a great time in lovely tassie and come back relaxed and refreshed with new things to look foward to.

Rose Red said...

Ooh, look at all those lovely hand knits, perfect for Tassie at this time of year, hope you are having a great time!

I am crocheting a scarf out of Crazy Z at the moment, I know exactly what you mean! I do love the colour changes though.