Monday, June 03, 2013

KAL's and gifts

As I write this, I am tucked up in bed feeling very poorly, and most sorry for myself...apologies for crappy photos, but there's no foreseeable uplift in energy levels or wellness, so it's those or nothing...

Since my last post, I've been slogging away at my On the Beach, which I really shouldn't call a slog-a-long as I'm rather enjoying it.

The body is nearly done, I just have to try it on for length, then it's just the sleeves to go - huzzah! I'm well on track to have it finished by the end of June for the MustStash KAL which is very gratifying.

Regardless of how enjoyable *any* project is though, I am not one for monogamous knitting.

To keep the interest piqued, I've also made a wee baby cardigan for a derby couple in our league who've just had their first little girl. (Charmers purple, of course!)

Knit in the round, in 8ply; it didn't take long. It's a good 6mth size I'd say, so will hopefully fit the little one while it's still cold - she's about 12wks now, I think?

I was also tasked with the Very Special Request of making a "cupcake" beanie for one of my partner's daughters. I'm relatively new to their life, so I was well-chuffed, I don't mind admitting.  I had to control my excitement, not go too crazy with my pleasure at being asked, but it was tough!

We looked at a few patterns on Ravelry, and then she carefully drew me a picture detailing what colours were to go where.

I've just got to make the cherry to top it off and she should be able to wear it this weekend coming.

Hopefully this bug will pass quickly, and I'll be back to full speed next post!


2paw said...

I'm sorry you are feeling poorly, I hope you are well again soon. I love the cupcake hat, it is such a cute idea and being finished with a cheery on top is very amusing!!

Rose Red said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Love all the knitting - especially the cupcake hat - so good to have your talents appreciated!

Drewzel said...

Hope you feel better soon!
I know what you mean about the cupcake hat, it's a great feeling when they like and accept you. :)

DrK said...

urgh, im sorry to hear you were poorly, i hope its passing! those little knits are so beautiful, and sensible illness knitting too. im sure they will be hugely appreciated.

kgirl said...

it really is, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting to be asked to knit something! I've been looking at cupcake hats too recently, they look too cute. Hope you're feeling better soon

Rebecca said...

I think I caught your unwellness through the internet! Cancelled camping but almost a sock finished...illness not so bad. Thanks for fixing the comments.

kgirl said...

can recommend this pattern! deets on my Rav project page

kgirl said...

oh no! I'm well on the mend now, hope you shortly are too :)