Wednesday, July 24, 2013

trying not to cast on all the things

I've got serious attention deficit when it comes to my knitting projects at the moment!

Despite casting on items I've been planning and wanting to knit for quite some time, I can't seem to stop myself searching Ravelry and dreaming of more, when really what I should be doing is working on the ones I already have started.

Currently on my cast-on radar are:

and I really want one of these - Foxy

Grace, using my Madelinetosh is still on the go (slowly) but I think I've made peace with the colour variations - thank you to everyone for their advice last week.  It's by no means going to be a quick knit though.  It's not difficult, not at all, but the textured stitch is an 8-row repeat and 2 of those rows require some concentration.  I also don't like to stop mid-repeat so some nights I only have time to get through one. 

I've also wound up some Cascade 220, colourway "Christmas Red" for a Girl Friday after watching The Time of our Lives on ABC1 and really loving Justine Clarke's character's wardrobe.   She wears similar style handknits over cute dresses and skirts (I'm also mentally planning sewing activity, when I can find the time!).  

Is anyone else watching this great Australian series?  It's become my favourite thing to settle in with come Sunday evening - the perfect way to end a weekend.

I think Girl Friday is a good use for the Cascade yarn.  When it arrived, I was a bit disappointed because in the flesh it looked very much the "commercially-dyed" yarn but I think the styling and all-over patterning of this cardigan will work well with the solid colour. This Raveller's version tipped the scales in it's favour too.

Thankfully, there has also been an FO.  The Crazy Chevron scarf is done and dusted.  I've got a fair bit of yarn leftover, but I got to the point where I felt the scarf was long enough.  

Making it longer but potentially not then wearing the scarf cos it's *too* long, just to use up the full ball, didn't seem to make sense.  I might make some simple wristwarmers with the leftovers?

oh, and I registered for the Great Tea Cosy Swap at the Royal Melbourne Show!  I saw details on the organiser's blog and thought it sounded like a bit of fun.  I don't feel confident enough to enter in the actual craft competition section for the RMS, it's all very serious and official, but a no-pressure swap?  I can do that!

 I do love a good tea cosy exhibit, as you know ;)


DrK said...

love that gorgeous scarf! such a great use of that yarn. that red cascade is a gorgeous colour. its not my favourite yarn, its just too scratchy for me, but i think that pattern is a perfect fit, and it really does wear well. too many WIPS, never enough time :)

Rebecca said...

That scarf has come out beautifully. How does it feel after washing, less nylony? I know what you mean about getting lost in more beautiful stuff, I could loose days and days on Ravelry. I am doing a KAL through Mysister'sknitter which is all about finishing stuff. Check it out.

2paw said...

You definitely need a Foxy. I'm not sure I could pull off the Neon Ski bonnet though!!! Very good scarf decision and what a bonus to have some left over for something else. No, I'm not watching TTooL, but I am glad you are enjoying it. TV is great for wardrobe inspiration. Girl Friday in red looks great.

Donna said...

When the shop closed and I enhanced the stash a little (ahem!), I got an overwhelming sense of stash overload. So I went through and matched up all my yarn to projects and sorted out most of it. I felt really good for a few weeks.

Now I'm sick to death of my queue and just want to buy new yarn and start something completely different!

kgirl said...

oh Donna - that so resonates with me!! I've just put a heap of my stash up for sale on Ravelry, for that very reason!

kgirl said...
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kgirl said...
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kgirl said...
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Huff said...

I highly recommend the neon ski bonnet (obviously!) You would rock it! I had hoped that my 12 month plan would stop the casting on urges but it hasn't, I'm itching to cast on extra curricular projects even though I know they'd mess with my timeline.

Rose Red said...

Loving the red C220 for that cardi! (Well, duh!). And the chevron scarf looks great. Definitely the right length.