Wednesday, September 04, 2013

you've got the love...

Grace did not survive the time-out, and has been frogged.

But within this sad news, the happiest of happy occurred.  
I found the MadTosh love 

My copy of pompom Fall arrived and within the pages there was my answer to the Madtosh dilemma.  Morganite; a gorgeous cardigan with a bold lace yoke, and written for this very yarn.

My size needs 6 skeins, and I only have 5 but I feel that's fine.  I will be shortening the body by 3", and possibly making the sleeves 3/4; something I would have done anyway.

The stocking stitch shows off the colourway (Terrarium) much better than the overall texture - I really love those pops of turquoise.  I've even worked out how to manage the lighter skein!  I'll be alternating it in around the yoke, so the lighter colour will graduate up around my face and be in mottled in amongst the lace.  I think this will blend in rather nicely.

I'm 8&1/2" into the body and I'm so very pleased I quit Grace while I was ahead.  There is a definite point when you know it's "right", and the Morganite pattern/yarn combo is Right in ways Grace never was, never could be.

I'm using my new HiyaHiya sharps in 4.5mm too, which have the perfect scoop for the twisted rib bands.  I do love a good scoop.

All this lovey feeling gave me a burst of energy and enthusiasm, which timed perfectly with our knitting group starting their very first KAL;  Lacetember!  Running for all of September, we will be knitting lace in whatever form we choose.  Some are going traditional, with laceweight yarn and beautiful stoles; I think some might choose socks, and there's bound to be loads of other variations within our diverse little group.

I've cast on Cold Pine, which ticks the KAL box and my 24in12 challenge - huzzah!

Using 5mm needles (sadly not HiyaHiya's, although I feel another order coming on) and squishy Malabrigo Merino Worsted, it's not lace in the traditional sense, but it's exactly what I was looking for as a counterpoint for my two adult-sized cardigans (which are coincidentally both also lace).

This is a gorgeous free pattern from Caitlin ffrench.   It's simple, but it keeps you on your toes too, I discovered.  Unlike a lot of lace I've knit previously, I can't seem to find the intuitive pattern within this one.  It could be me, because looking at the chart it seems to be a standard type of pattern, but either way - I'm enjoying the unpredictable twists and turns.

Actually, all in all, I'm pretty pleased with the knitting life at the moment and one can't complain about that, can they?


2paw said...

Oh, that's such a pretty pattern and your wool is perfect for it. I love the pops of turquoise too. And what a clever idea to use the lighter skein higher up!! Oh Cold Pine is very nice, I may have to give it a go next Winter.

needleandspindle said...

Very nice solution to your problem, what a lovely pattern. Thank goodness for timely knitting mags.

Huff said...

What a perfect solution! It will look fantastic in that colour way.

Fay said...

That madtosh is lovely, and what a gorgeous pattern too! :)

DrK said...

apart from the horror of frogging, im glad you did that to grace and have found something else you love. its worth it for that yarn! i have been contempating some hiya hiyas, they are good??

kgirl said...

I'm really happy with them, DrK. they are lightweight, well balanced, and sharp. worth a try, definitely

Rose Red said...

Well, I always hate to see a frogging, but it is worth it sometimes, especially when an even better new project takes it's place! Yay!

Leonie said...

The new project must be such a relief. Your yarn was talking to you, it knew it didn't want to be Grace, well done on listening :-)

Anna said...

Love the pattern you chose! And I think it will be even nicer making it shorter.