Wednesday, November 06, 2013

24in12 progress update

This week seems like a good time to check in on my 24in12 challenge, given there are only 8 weeks left!  

Where did that time go? I think daily at least one person mentions to me how quickly this year has gone for them, and I have to agree.  It feels like the weeks are just slipping by, and it will be 2014 in the blink of an eye.

My tally count is currently sitting at 20, so I feel I'm well on track for the NYE deadline.  I've completed a couple of small "extra" projects recently too - the Barley beanie and my Zombie Apocalypse socks that I wrote about last week -  but I'm not counting them in that tally just yet.

I'm not counting them because I set this challenge with an idea that I would work towards a targeted outcome, with focus and discipline.  I get distracted easily, so it doesn't surprise me when I create a couple of small diversions from the master plan! 

I'm officially back on the wagon though, and have been working consistently on my Girl Friday cardigan. 

Sleeves and body are done, I need to now sew them together and pick up for the bands and collar. Still love it.   The pieces are currently blocking, to make seaming and picking up band/collar stitches easier.  We've got a few days of nice weather ahead so hopefully it will dry quickly.

Ideally I'd like this completed by the middle of November, so I can start on the Ginkgo Crescent shawl, as I have a feeling that might be my slowest project of those left.

I've also wound the yarn for the Tears of Bronze beanie and the My Cup of Tea socks, as motivation.  The beanie won't take long at all, and I think it will be a nice respite between the shawl and the socks.  

 I've changed the sock yarn to another colourway of Jitterbug too, because I remembered I had other plans for the Oyster I'd originally chosen.

Then once it was wound, I decided that I *totally* needed a small project just to take the edge off  the transition of finishing my cardigan.  See what I do??!

My Cup of Tea, nicknamed the Beautiful Ugly Socks
Not the prettiest yarn I've ever knit, but there is something about that mustard khaki and the flashes of teal, watermelon and gold that draws me in.  
Ugly is the new Beautiful, and even ugly yarn needs love 
So anyway, there you go. Some solid knitting ahead to meet the deadline, but certainly not impossible.  I'll update again at the 4 week mark, hopefully still as positive and optimistic about the project!


Emma said...

There really is something about that Colinette colourway! I'm really not into variegated yarn, but there's something about those little flashes of colour...

DrK said...

My mouth watered at all that beautiful yarn! So much smooshy goodness!

Caffeine Girl said...

I admire those of you who set deadlines for knitting! I can hardly stand to have the annual holiday deadlines.

That Madtosh is absolutely gorgeous.

Good luck on your amazing number of projects!