Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Girl Friday

It's finished!!

It even has buttons ;)

It fits perfectly, I could not be happier with this cardigan.  I've got loads of knitted garments stuffed in my cupboard that remain unworn due to varying issues (mostly regarding fit) but I think after my last two cardigans I can say I'm finally getting the hang of choosing patterns and sizes that are right for me - hurrah!

This is a great slightly longer-line cardigan, with the right balance of cosy and fitted elements in the design.  The big shawl collar snuggles around your neck  and the body of the cardigan has no waist shaping or hemline flare.  To compliment this, the sleeves are quite fitted which suits me to the ground, but I've noticed a few people mentioning they had to rip out the sleeves and re-knit at a larger size. 

Did I show you the perfect buttons?  

I love my button stash, it nearly never fails to come up with the goods.  These beauties are from a trip to Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show a few years ago.  Anyone who's been to the Show knows of the Button stall.  Trays and trays of beautiful buttons; some new, some old, some even older.  Over the years I've spent a decent amount of yarn cash at this stall, but I've never regretted it for a minute.

Specs and mods, for those interested:
  • I used far less yarn than I projected - a total of 4.5 skeins of Cascade 220 Worsted in "Christmas Red".  I had 5 skeins and had initially wondered if I had enough?
  • I got exact gauge, which nearly never happens, using this yarn and 5mm needles, 
  • I removed the purl stitches from the lace, which gave a more streamlined appearance to the fabric in my opinion
  • I made the size 37" even though that was 1" of negative ease based on my measurements, after reading project notes on Ravelry that said the lace was extremely stretchy
  • I read a lot of project notes on Ravelry.  I've finally learned these are the knitters' version of the "measure twice, cut once" rule
  • I'm a creature of habit when it comes to cast-on/cast off methods, but for the first time ever I used Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy bind-off.  At first it was a bit flared, but a bit of a steam and it's settled nicely.  I debated over Jeny's and this one, but in the end felt I'd forget which way to twist at some point and muck it up!  I will try the alternative on a second project, one with less stitches to cast off maybe?
The only thing I'd modify or suggest?

I think it needs pockets!


Leonie said...

It's a gorgeous red cardigan, and you so obviously love it which is fabulous! Well done on getting the hang of the "right" thing to make :-)

kgirl said...

thank you! I really do love it :)

Emma said...

Snap, that looks awesome! Such an amazing red and perfect buttons. You look so chuffed with it (as you should!).

Rose Red said...

Huzzah for another lovely finished cardi! You look so happy with it!

Oh, that button stall! I spent my last $50 there when I went to Bendi. It was excellent! And even better, I have actually used some of the buttons I bought!

Caffeine Girl said...

This is just a lovely cardigan! I am so jealous. It fits you perfectly!

needleandspindle said...

A triumph! Yay for the Bendigo Button Lady.

Jules said...

Perfect match with your lip colour;)

I love everything about it! I agree though- I like pockets on everything!