Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Graffiti Alley Baktus

ahh, holidays....and all that lovely knitting time.  Glory days of Summer, for sure.

One thing I love doing over my Summer break is casting on a new project on New Year's Eve -  it’s like a promise to the new year ahead. This year it’s a Baktus using Christmas gift yarn from my Mum, the Colinette Jitterbug "Bright Charcoal" I showed you last week.

This project has been my constant companion, from NYE fireworks near the Yarra, to Monopoly marathons and evening movies, and all the multitude of activities it takes to entertain five kids of varying ages over the course of last week.   

It's been with me at breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner, and every snack (Christmas cake, anyone??) in-between.

Naturally, all this close companionship has meant this WIP is now a FO - in just 7 days, BAM!

Oh my, how much do I love this scarf?!

I love that it's "grey", but there is so many flecks of colours that it seems to pick up on whatever I pair it with.

I love that it reminds me of the graffiti of Melbourne, with the riotous mix of layers of art and all the colours blurring into a kind of kaleidoscope

I love that it's made from wool my Mum gave me for Christmas

and I love that it's my first 2014 accessory FO.

I used the mod notes from mustavilla to make it a Lacy Baktus, and I think the addition of the eyelet rows really gives the scarf a little more oomph.  It also helps make the repeats go faster, of course. 

If I had one thing I'd change, I think I'd slip the first stitch of every row to make a neater edge, but I didn't think of this until I was too far along to rip back.  The edge is fine as is, but I do think it would give a better finish done as a slipped edge. 

Now, if only the Melbourne weather would cool so I could wear my very-Melbourne scarf!


needleandspindle said...

Oh it is so wonderfully Melbourne. I see the graffiti thing too. This is an auspicious beginning to the year. No knitting here painting weather boards instead...all the time!

Sue said...

It looks so pretty. Pity the weather is a bit warm to wear it!

2paw said...

How cool is that?? And it does look like graffiti too. I like the eyelets, they add a new interest. Oh yes, I have had some Christmas cake that was so wonderful!!!!

Huff said...

It is so Melbourne! A great start to the year's knitting!

Rose Red said...

Perfect pattern for the yarn! And nothing better than an FO in a week, from start to finish (not that I would know from recent experience, heh!)

DrK said...

oh that is perfect! i love the graffiti comparison, and the eyelet row is inspired. i bet you get lots of wear out of it come the cooler weather. because there will be cooler weather one day, i hope.