Thursday, January 16, 2014

follow your arrow KAL

So anyone in Australia knows how freaking hot it is at the moment. 

This is how we attempted to cool our little 1950's, non-airconditioned flat the last few days - wet towels in breezeways with pedestal fans.  It works for a short while.


For those of you visiting with me here at kgirlknits from overseas, I won't bore you with the details, but if you're interested you can read about it here.  It's ridonkulous, to say the least.

Instead, I want to share with you what's been occupying my thoughts this last week.

Like a LOT of people, I'm participating in Ysolda's "Follow your Arrow" KAL that commenced Jan 13th, 2014.

I'm so excited by this project - it's a mystery KAL which has been done before of course, but this time there's another twist.  Each clue release gives 2 options.  You choose your path, with 32 possible outcomes!

As a kid who loved the Choose your Own Adventure books of the 80's, this was one I couldn't pass up.  Is anyone else participating?  Who else remembers those books?!  

I knew I wanted a solid colour for this shawl, but sadly I had nothing in the required weight and yardage.  So very sad ;)

So after a long, LONG search online and in person, I settled on Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply in the Fuschia colourway.  It fit the budget, was in stock, and the idea was that by ordering locally it would get here quickly.


Still waiting, and now I'm desperately trying to avoid spoilers on Ravelry!  I want to know as little about this pattern as possible, and truly leave the outcome to chance, just like in the books.

So that's my week, really.  Extreme weather and a nostalgic collision of present and past.  

Until next week - stay cool, guys xx  (or warm, if the polar vortex is affecting your world)


Caffeine Girl said...

That is an adventurous KAL. I admire the brave! I still need a roadmap. :)

Sorry for your heat. I have to say that I would choose cold over hot -- you can always put on more clothes!

MildlyCrafty said...

I used to read those books methodically so that I covered every possible storyline. So in this case I'd have to knit 32 shawls :) Sounds really fun though, I hope your yarn arrives soon.

kgirl said...

there is talk in the Ravelry group of people attempting all 32!

missfee said...

I have finally chosen my yarn and will cast on over the weekend - I couldn't decide which one to cast on and cheated and looked at the spoilers - B it is for me

happy knitting hope you survive the heat urg

Jules said...

I'm in too! I haven't got anything suitable either so still dithering over what to buy... But it's been too hot to concentrate even on that so il going to decide tomorrow!

Hang in there, the change is coming....


Camilla said...

I'm so excited to start this! I have to choose my yarn this weekend...I'm also going for solid colour, still undecided as to A or B though.

kgirl said...

yay, so glad to see so many of you joining in too!

wool arrived today, and I've decided 1B, 99%

can't wait for that cool change, counting the minutes ;)

Huff said...

Mine is stripy, because I couldn't wait for new yarn to arrive to start! I've done 1A, and it's very interesting.

Rose Red said...

Harrumph indeed! (But glad to see from comments your yarn has arrived!). I was oh so tempted to join in, but I really really have to finish a certain baby blanket and time is quickly running out. But I can't wait to see your FO!
(I loved those books too, and also used to read until I got to all the endings!)

needleandspindle said...

Mystery KAL sounds mysterious! We just got back from camping in Porpunka by the river. Freaking hot in a really wrong way. For glories sake we need some national leadership on climate change. PS, we cool our house like that too!

Emma said...

I could have wept with joy when the change came through on Friday. It was a long, difficult week with that unrelenting heat.

Those Chose Your Own Adventure books were great! I used to save up my pocket money to buy them when I was a kid.

Can't wait to see how your shawl turns out!

DrK said...

i thought about the KAL but theres something about deadlines that kills my mojo. i will be watching with interest though. how annoying about the yarn though. lets not talk about the weather shall we? i hope you're all recovering ok xx

2paw said...

The change came through this morning, but I am still full of residual heatwave and the idea of knitting is too awful to think about!! I saw the KAL and yes, it is just like the Choose Your Own Adventure books. They are still writing them today!! Hope your wool and coolness arrives soon. I found standing under a cool shower while wearing my dress really helped!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're having fun with the KAL -looking forward to seeing the result!
I'm a bit behind catching up on blogs so I know this is rather late for the previous heatwave, but we've got another hot week ahead here so if it's heating up in Melbourne again, something to help you sleep in a hot old house…put a folded damp flannel in the freezer in the morning (in some baking paper or something if you don't want to try to pry the frozen thing off the freezer shelf). Pull it out before bed and use as a kind of reverse hot water bottle. It will still be cool and damp when you wake up in the morning, perfect for flinging over your head!