Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Year of Sweaters by Season (Autumn): Peasy

Peasy [pee-zee]; noun: otherwise synonymous with most perfect cardigan EVER

Despite finishing this cardigan a little while ago, I've been holding off blogging about the final piece for a while, to live with the finished cardigan for a bit before putting down my thoughts on it here.

It's safe to say, I love it.  This cardigan has already seen more wear than any other of my handknits, which is testament to a few elements, I think - mostly around the planning and preparation!

First, I swatched.  Yes, I know, novel.  We all know we are supposed to swatch but reality is, if we're being honest, a lot of times we all don't.  I've been making far more effort to swatch (and wash, and block the swatches) when knitting adult garments, and the final fit of my handknits has definitely shown the benefit of this practice.

I also took a little more care making sure I got the length of the body and the sleeves exactly the dimensions I wanted.  7/8th's sleeves and a hem length that *just* skims passed my jeans waistband.  Covers the kidneys, and all that.  I've been wearing it over cotton dresses, and jeans (as seen above), as well as with lightweight long-sleeve tops, skirts and leggings On a side note, it's been nice to transition to boots too!  Lots of stomping through damp Autumn foliage and dewy grass on my daily walks.  Leather workboots are just the most practical footwear I can imagine, really.

I planned this to be a transitional cardigan, something lightweight enough for Autumn, but still warm enough to keep out the chills as we settle into the cooler weather, so I spent time making sure my yarn/pattern/colour choices married up with this brief, and I definitely think it's been a good choice on all three accounts.  

To recap, the yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed DK, in Seasalter, and the pattern is Peasy, by Heidi Kirrmaeir.   I made the M (38") size, which gave me a good amount of negative ease.  The alpaca/wool blend of the Felted Tweed is a delight to both knit and wear, and I'm looking forward to using it again very soon.

So that's it.  The first of the Year of Sweaters is done.  Here's hoping the next three garments in this series are as much of a success! 


Bells said...

Yes yes yes! I love this. I love the styling, I love the yarn/pattern combination. It's perfect. It's exactly the sort of thing I would wear and am now wishing I had a cardigan's worth of Felted Tweed to make it from. Good work. Perfect.

kgirlknits said...

Good news with felted tweed is a cardigans worth is only 5-6 balls, Bells! Go for it! :-) thanks for your lovely comments, too xx

nicole said...

easy peasy perfect!
it looks fab! the felted tweed is gorgeous!

and yes, swatching hrmmm, must get on that ha ha!


Sue said...

What a perfect cardigan. Love your outfit too, it looks so nice. I think I need to take more time to make sure that my sweaters fit me the way I want them to and not how the pattern dictates.

Fay said...

wow! Gorgeous cardi! I love the yarn, colour and pattern. It looks fabulous.

needleandspindle said...

Congratulations, you have completed one quarter of your quest. Looks like you have gained a stalwart companion to take you the distance as well. I just love when woolies become special friends. That is the indescribable joy of slow fashion.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Kylie. A cardi definitely has to keep the kidneys warm! I love the outfit you've put together, stylish as always.

Rose Red said...

Yay for the perfect cardigan!. It looks so fabulous. I have one third of a felted tweed cardigan made. I really must make an effort to make it a whole cardigan sooner rather than later! Do wish it was Seasalter blue and not Dragon green though! Your colour is PERFECT!

Leonie said...

Your Peasy is gorgeous, such a happy thing when things fit so nicely because we have taken the time with them :-)

2paw said...

Easy Peasy, it looks fabulous with your outfit. How wonderful to be so pleased with your efforts. I make a tension square. I ache to start knitting but I make myself be patient. What are you knitting next???