Thursday, May 22, 2014

From trial and error comes good things

Recently I consulted the Knitting Brains Trust about my disappointment on a project I was working on, specifically that the colours weren't working the way I had imagined.  The response was consistent in the opinion that the colours were too closely matched tonally, and of course - you were all exactly right!

Look at this black and white comparison...

This visual sealed the fate of the project, and I ripped out the grey yarn and turned it into this sweet beanie for my dear friend, modelled here by Lily.

This is a free pattern from Drops, called Sweet Caroline.  I made some small modifications, using a twisted rib on the band, and shortening the lace section by half a repeat.  There's plenty of slouch at this length, so I'm glad I did.  

It's a much better use of the yarn, definitely. The Milla Mia gives a very crisp definition to the lace pattern, which is lovely but I'd like to also re-make this hat at some stage in a fuzzier yarn, like alpaca or kid mohair, I think?  

Progress has also been made on Miette this week too.   We have reached blocking stage! Pre-blocking is seems to fit well.  Snug, but no more than as it is supposed to be.  I'm only doing a very gently block, so fingers crossed. 

Hoping to have a proper "finished" photoshoot completed by next time we talk.    It's raining and miserable lighting here today, so a black and white image is the best I can manage of this project.

Next week I promise a proper post on my Shibui beanie too - for a sneak peak though you might like to keep an eye on the Sunspun blog this week ;-) 

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Rose Red said...

The b&w comparison is amazing isn't it. Such a good tool for colour work.
The hat is lovely, nice work!