Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The fortnight in which Kylie was super productive

So productive, she forgot to blog last week - oops!!

I  finished off some lingering knitting projects...

Climb socks (samples for the shop)

Anklets - these are samples for the upcoming sock workshop I'm teaching at Sunspun in October.  Very exciting times, to be able to share my passion for handknit socks, and my own pattern, with other knitters in this format!

Both socks are knit using Naturally Waikiwi sock yarn, which is a blend of Merino, Alpaca, Nylon and Possum.  It's a really sturdy but soft yarn, and noticeably warmer than some other sock yarns I've worked with.

I frogged some old FO's that just weren't right, including my Whisper.  Which means I now have 200g thereabouts of beautiful Madtosh fingering weight to play with.  

I'm leaning towards a Halligarth, by Gudrun Johnston. What do you think?

I may have also purchased some more yarn...

Jitterbug "Caramel" (top) and "Paintbox" (bottom), because everyone knows sock yarn doesn't count as stash.

I've also cooked up a storm...

- lentil, bacon and vegetable soup
- country chicken casserole, in the slow cooker (yum)
- zucchini slice, a near-weekly standard in this house
- apple and oat crumble
- san boy chow
- beef chilli, another slow cooker recipe
- mandarin and poppyseed muffins
- Spicy chickpea and eggplant tagine
- Vietnamese Pork ball noodle soup

It's perfect weather for soups and casseroles, but I'm often out too late to make them each evening, so this should keep the freezer stocked for a while.

Then I planted more herbs, succulents and natives out into our backyard, as things were looking a little bare after the end of the tomatoes and other seasonals, and I tidied up wardrobes and cupboards inside.

I've caught up with loads of friends - Uni friends, knitting friends, old work friends, and roller derby friends - which has been wonderfully rejuvenating!  I really miss seeing all these people on a daily basis, but it's hard to fit everything in, isn't it?   

As tiring as the thought of being super busy can be, sometimes I need a little push to get out and make time to do things I enjoy and that nourish me.  I've found I'm actually more energised and the creative ideas and motivation has been on a high, simply by making myself tick things off my list (after making a priority list, mostly that didn't include household chores!).

Anyway, hope you're all having a great week and have had an equally productive time of it.


Sue said...

The socks look great. Those yarns are so pretty too. I hope your class goes well at Sunspun. I have not been there in quite a few years but it seems to look much brighter with the renovation.

needleandspindle said...

Wow, sounds like you are channelling a whirlwind! How amazingly productive. I think you have to go with Gudrun. I just had a look at it and it would be perfect with that grey. it is a truly lovely pattern that says Melbourne all over it!

Sonia said...

ooh I love the paintbox colour way and those socks are very funky! Love 'em.

nicole said...

ooh such lovely socks! hope the class goes well in october!

that paintbox jitterbug is GORGEOUS! so fun!
can't wait to see how they knit up.

it sounds like you've had a crazy productive fortnight!

Rose Red said...

Wow, you have been busy! Not surprising you forgot to blog. I haven't blogged for the whole of this month (until today, ha!) and I haven't achieved nearly as much as you have done in a week. Go you!