Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Winter has arrived

Oh how I love Winter in Melbourne!

We are blessed with cool crisp weather here, perfect for doing all those hibernating things Winter is designed for, but also just right for rugging up and getting out and about.

Which is what we did over the weekend...

A beautiful 2-hour walk first thing Sunday morning, along the creek and around the wetlands near our house.  We discovered a bird hide, and said "Good Morning!" to lots of like-minded walkers and bikers as we went, and heard loads of frogs - always a good sign of a healthy environment, I think.

no birds, but the layers of vegetation reminded me of stranded colourwork

We were almost home when the light mist turned into a fairly steady rain, which is all part and parcel I guess? Nevertheless, it was so nice to get inside and dry off, and get cosy with some handknitted socks and a bowl of lamb and barley broth.

And of course, with my knitting.

Beeline, in Rowan Creative Focus
Baby bonnet with earflaps, in Isager Alpaca 2
and a new project bag from a recycled op-shop pillowcase

Hmm, I'm sensing a colour theme...

There's been a slow pace at our place this week.  Housework has been kept to the bare minimum and creativity, planning, and taking time to enjoy some down-time have stepped to the forefront.  I like this balance.  I've got a few designs in the works at the moment, which I'm trying to get written up and ready for release; very exciting stuff!  I'm also trying to make time to get to galleries, visit people, and read books or just listen to music (as opposed to just having it on in the background).  

Plus I've been working on ideas for displays and presentation for the shop.  I love visual presentation, and am so happy to be given licence to experiment and create beautiful vignettes for all the samples and new products we are bringing in.

I find when I place focus on my creative process and space, even more ideas and thoughts and what-ifs, and extensions of all of the above start flowing.  Ideas filling up my head faster than I can get it written in my journal, or on the needles/canvas/paper/sewing machine, and it's such a rewarding exercise that I'm always astounded I don't do it more often!  From experience thought, I know it's hard to keep the creative "on" all the time.  There needs to be some allowance to regroup and breathe (and do the dishes!).

The balance is harmonious at the moment, however.  I can live with the mess. 


nicole said...

Those socks, that cute hat! Swoon!!
I kinda love everything in this post ha ha!

Caffeine Girl said...

Wait! You have green grass in winter! Your winters look very pleasant. I sort of envy that -- but I also love the white snowy landscape we have.

Your shop looks so inviting. Wish I could stop by!

I am always happiest when creativity is at the forefront.

Good luck with your new designs!

Sue said...

I didnt know that you worked for Sunspun. How wonderful. I have not been there for quite a few years now as it is on the other side of the city from me but I loved visiting it. It looks so much brighter and inviting now it has been repainted. Your socks look wonderful.

needleandspindle said...

What a perfect Winter post, full of cosy insides and chilly outsides. Thank goodness Winter is finally here. Looking forward to your designs...the intrigue is building.