Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Craft Sessions & a Tulip Skirt

The second annual Craft Sessions is a wrap!  

What a wonderful weekend.  Jackie and I worked in the shop on Saturday and headed up to the Yarra Valley straight after doors closed, arriving just in time for a pre-dinner drink and a catch up with friends.  

After having worked all day then driving for over an hour, I have to say it was such a beautiful vibe to walk into.  Everyone was relaxed, but at the same time pumped about their workshops that day, and there was a lot of show and tell, high excitement about new skills learned, and many brain cogs whirring with new inspirations. (you could all but see them whirring, I swear!).

It was great to sink into those big leather couches and just soak it all in.  I ended up staying up much later than I'd planned, knitting and chatting, finally hitting the bed after 11pm. (rockstar that I am not, this is actually very late for me!!)

I'd booked into the Wiksten Tulip Skirt workshop on Sunday, and couldn't wait to get started.  I am, at best, a hack at sewing, so I was really hoping to pick up some tips and tricks to refine my technique and finished pieces from this class.  The teacher, Sophie Parslow from adaspragg, certainly came through with the goods in that department!  She conducted the class in a great format, giving a couple of instructions at a time before proceeding to the next step.  I found this really allowed participants to work at their own pace and receive individual attention as required.

I learned how to execute french seams like a boss, as well as other nifty tricks, and I've ended up with a very wearable skirt.  I'm really happy with my fabric choice too.  It's a mid-weight cotton and it's got enough substance to hang right, without sitting too stiff.  

What was the biggest thing I took away from this workshop though? Who knew that, just like a knitting swatch, acurate measuring and consistent seaming results in a garment that fits?! Crazy stuff.

I did also glean some good ideas on setting up my workspace, and how to make the sewing process run a bit more smoothly in doing so.  At the moment, there just isn't space to have a cutting table, an ironing board and a sewing station set up at my place, so I'm moving from room to room and working around furniture at each step.  It's kind of a pain, and a definite hinderance.  I'll share my thoughts on the new setup ideas after I've had time to implement them in a domestic environment.

As always, departure hour came all too quickly and after a lovely speech from Felicia at afternoon tea, it was time for goodbyes and promises of "see you next year!".  

Like many others, I'm so grateful to Felicia and her wonderful team that we are able to have this event - it is truly a gift to be able to attend and be able to immerse yourself within that wonderful, creative environment.  Here's to many more Craft Sessions to come!

As ususal, I was too busy "being there" that I forgot to take many photos!  For more details on the Craft Sessions 2014, head to this post from Felicia xx


nicole said...

oooooooooh! it sounds so amazing!
have already started saving for next year, i'm NOT missing out again!

2paw said...

Your new skirt looks marvellous, and it is very exciting when things you sew for yourself fit. Well done!!!

Rose Red said...

Really cute skirt!