Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Getting organised

Oh my, it's a busy time for me at the moment.  I came home from work on Friday and was kinda hit with  an overwhelming feeling of "how am I going to get all this done?!"

But of course, get done it must, so out came the whiteboard and tasks were sorted into sub-groups by priority.  I'm pleased I've been able to work methodically through most of my to-do list, plus a few extras, and am now feeling a little more on top of it all as I head straight into another busy week.

The organisational spree has included the creative space and the greater home environment as well.  My craft supplies and tools seem to have a habit of spreading themselves around all and every surface so getting them under control was first on my list.  

A few weeks back, Laura from the KnitGirllls mentioned her method for keeping her circular needles organised on the podcast, and I thought hers was a really nifty idea.  She uses an accordion file and stores them by size.  When I was in Officeworks this week I picked myself up this stylish little one and sorted the huge tangle that was my needles straight into their relevant file.  It's small enough to sit out of the way on my workstation, but in reach when needed.

While I was sorting needles, I also found this sweet vintage tin for my various dpn's.  I have two needle cases that I made some time ago for my sock dpn's and they are very handy, especially if I'm taking them travelling, but they only fit so many sets and nothing over 20cm long, so this tin is perfect for the overflow.

While I was sorting all the needles, I took the opportunity to clear out some of the old needles that I'll probably never use again.  I'm a bit (a lot) of a magpie, and I can't let go of things easily even if I have plenty.  I'm hoping they are just what someone is looking for at the opshop though.

I also reorganised my flat, and now have my sewing table set up permanently!  I love having my sewing machine and overlocker ready to go.  It makes sewing so much easier and a more frequent occurrence, when I don't have to clear the kitchen table and set up/pack up every time I want to do a quick sew-up.

Which is good, because I'm hoping to pick up lots of tips and sewing inspiration after my Craft Sessions Wiksten Tulip Skirt workshop.  Another thing ticked off my list on Sunday - I got my fabric, interfacing and buttons!  I also managed to get the pattern at a discount, using an Interweave coupon code I found online - huzzah!

I'm really pleased with fabric, and I love the buttons!  Options for fabrics are pretty limited down my way, and I did struggle a bit to find a print I liked in an appropriate fabric, but finally settled on this and I think it's a good choice.  It's a mid-weight cotton and I can see it being a very wearable and versatile skirt.  The buttons are actually slightly translucent, which isn't really showing up in the photos, and with their opaque cream dots, they sit really well on the fabric.

I *may* have picked up some extra metres or two while I was there.

 I've made some more progress on my Vedbaek shawl - onto the 8th repeat (of 9) so nearing the edging chart very soon.  It's used way less yarn than I'd originally thought so far; it will be interesting to see how far the second skein goes now the stitch count is greatly increased.  I'm anticipating getting it done with 400m though (unless the edging chart chews through meterage like a barracuda!).  Photos next week...

Sadly, I don't think my Nightingale Vest will be finished in time to wear to the Craft Sessions, though. But that's OK - I'll take it along and hopefully get a row or two in on Saturday night.  It's looking beautiful so far though, and there will hopefully be an FO next week!!

So that was my week.  I feel a lot more in charge of things this side of the weekend, and can see a clear path ahead through the next few weeks to come.  If you're going to the Craft Sessions, hope to see you there!  Otherwise, see you all next week and until then - happy creating :)


2paw said...

Oh you have been so busy organising and I love the little tin, it reminds me of the tin I kept my geometry set in, but so much nice. I love having my machine set up too, it does make sewing 'sew' much easier (sorry) Have fun at your sewing class, can't wait to see your skirt.

rebecca said...

I reckon you might have some Royal Melbourne Show secret squirrel plans. Good luck with the deadlines. Isn't funny how the Birch needles just don't do it anymore. Once upon a time, they were all we knew. Impressed by the swish organisation but I don't reckon it is as exciting as the rat's-nest-of-medusa-heads method that I employ for circular needles.