Sunday, November 23, 2014

Woodland Hoodlet

Right in time for the hot weather, I've finished Lily's Woodland Hoodlet.

I felt overheated just watching her wear it while we got photos today.

Made in Rowan Big Wool, and covered in cables and bobbles - this really is a season-specific knit (and this ain't the season in my neck of the woods).  My kid has the patience of a saint when it comes to photographs and knitwear, I gotta say.

The pattern, for those who missed my first post, is from Tiny Owl Knits' lovely book - "Woodland Knits".  It's called Woodland Hoodlet, and for possibly the first time ever, I knit in the specified wool and the pictured colourway.  Unheard of, but that was her request and who am I to argue?

I had no issues with the pattern, once I *cough* realised my own errors and I will concede the big needles/bulky wool did knit up quickly.

That said, this pattern is a fair way off what I usually gravitate towards, and as a result I think really cemented a few things in my knitting brain whilst working on this piece.

#1 I definitely prefer smaller gauge projects over bulky knits.  Wrangling the bulky wool on 10mm needles was, in short; hideous.  My tension got shot to pieces as a result and overall I wouldn't say I'm greatly pleased with the finished look of the fabric.  I also have concerns about the way it's going to wear as it feels quite loose for the soft, loosely plied yarn...

#2 I don't hate cables as much as I remembered (but on bulky wool/needles, I still hate. Oh, how I hate).  I think there may be (small) cables in my near future

#3 There is nothing like making something for the one you love the most 


rebecca said...

Oh Kylie, I share your poor seasonal timing of there any other way to roll in Australia, the winter is so short. I also hear and second your prejudices against chunky wool but like you would knit the very coals for my dear ones. I just said yes, yes, yes when I read this post. I can also see the appeal of the item though. TinyOwl beguiles and seduces with her spot on trend styling and I find myself as an over forty mum wondering if I too could wear knitted atlers. This is good work you good mum you.

Caffeine Girl said...

Maybe you should ship that gorgeous garment to me. We have snow on the ground and it is so cold that I'm happy to be hosting T-giving rather than going outdoors to someone else's!

kgirlknits said...

I've been following the photos - a real cold snap!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

2paw said...

I lurve Tiny Owl Kits patterns, I have several. I'm not a big fan of anything larger than 4mm size needles and 8ply wool. It looks just right for Winter and I can see it is one big snuggly cuddle!!