Sunday, December 21, 2014

Well, that was unexpected

So, if anyone is even still reading this blog, apparently I took a little leave of absence for a month!

I kept meaning to post, I swear, but you know those times in life when you really just need to take some time out and stare at your navel?  Well, yeah - November was that for me.

I am slowly coming out of my contemplative, introverted state (fog?) although I would hesitate to say refreshed or with significant clarity...yet.  I know myself, and I can tell there is still more to be processed and I will just have to ride this path to the conclusion.  No point rushing things as from experience that just leads to a bigger crash further down the road. But for now at least, the black dog is sitting with his head patiently resting on my lap, requiring the occasional pat but otherwise being undemanding.  That my friends, is a significant improvement.

I have been turning to knitting for respite, although it's not always the comfort one would imagine.  Many days I find it brings me no joy, or at least not the satisfaction I had anticipated.  I'm reading a lot, and doing an inordinate amount of yoga which seems to be the helpful activity I need to occasionally quiet my thoughts.

I did manage to finish my Year of Sweaters by Season though, through determination and a little leniency!

My Fieldwork cardigan is the final in the series.

I started strong with this one,  working through the back quite quickly.  There were some issues with the pattern, be warned, and the errata actually further confused the issue.  I love pompom magazine patterns but I do think there is room for them to have more resolve and finishing.  This is the second (both lace, to note) pattern that I've noticed some fudgy areas in.  Experience in knitting lace and garment construction will help with the Fieldwork pattern, once the knitter is aware though.

I seamed up the pieces I had and decided not to do bands as I liked the drapey feel of the lace as is.  I also could not be arsed picking up stitches and knitting rows and rows of garter stitch, let's be honest!  When you're done, you're done, and there was little chance I was ever going to be convinced to do anything more once it became a feasibly wearable garment!

I modified to knit the back all in one piece, to eliminate the graft down the centre back, but left the seam along the top of the sleeves.  You might remember my partner-in-KAL decided to do the alternate - eliminate the seam; keep the graft.  Reflecting, I think if I had my chance to do-over I would probably eliminate the graft AND the seam if I could.

To do a final wrap-up of the project, these are the collective sweaters from the challenge

1. Autumn - Peasy

2. Winter - Beeline
3. Spring - Miette

4. Another shot of Fieldwork, to show I do still remember how to smile ;)

I switched out a cropped cardigan I had planned for the Summer project, and added Beeline in to become the Winter project.  Both good decisions, especially the Beeline which got significant wear this Winter.  It's like a big cosy hug of a sweater, and a great weight for Melbourne in Winter.

I really did enjoy this year-long project. Along with a lot of other things, I've ended the year with 4 beautiful, wearable sweaters. I'm thinking of doing something along the same lines next year, though probably with a different overall theme to keep it fresh for both me and you.  

Right now I'm pushing to finish an Aranami shawl for Mum for her Christmas gift.  I've used Bomulin, a cotton/linen blend from Isager and I'm eager to see how it softens once washed and blocked.  The anticipation is it will be a sublime dream (no pressure).

Other than that, there are a few small projects on the go.  A hat to add to another gift, some socks for a friend...

Right now it's the perfect amount of not a lot, and that's the right place to be.

Hope to see you in the New Year; stay safe and happy and love yourselves xx


Sue said...

I hate it when the black dog makes an appearance and it seems to be worse around the holidays. I do hope that yours disappears and you can enjoy your knitting again. How great that you knit yourself so many sweaters. I have bought some copies of the pompom magazine but have not knit any of the patterns as yet but I do hope not all of them are like the 2 you have done with errors. I hope you have a very wonderful xmas Kylie with your daughter and family and friends!!

rebecca said...

Dear Kylie, best wishes for Christmas. Congrats on seeing your sweater quest through, despite everything. The cardy looks beautiful. You have chosen well seeking solace in yoga instead of frozen cheesecake. I think cheesecake may be from the dark side.

Caffeine Girl said...

I am so touched by your mention of the black dog. He prowled around my space for much of the fall, and seems to finally be backing off slowly. I hope we both start the new year in a better place.

I am awed by your sweaters. They are so beautiful. I hope they bright you joy!

2paw said...

I did some proactive things this year to stave off any pre-Christmas blackness. I find Christmas time to be difficult sometimes, I am glad you are feeling better.
I love your newest cardigan. The lace is so pretty and I think it is clever not to have an edging. I think you have done a marvellous job with your year long knitting.