Sunday, August 16, 2015

WIP's everywhere

I've got a bevvy of half finished projects surrounding me at the moment, most with deadlines closing in and of course I'm sitting here browsing Ravelry.

Royal Melbourne Show entries are due early September and all three of my proposed entries are all well under way but all at that point of the project where I need to knuckle down if I'm to get them completed in time.

I'm onto the border of the Hansel hap, which should be a good thing but unfortunately it's now of a size that makes it difficult to knit on the train.  The border is knit on sideways which means short rows and lots of turning of the project.  I get myself tangled up on the couch, let alone on a peak hour train.  So it's confined to evening knitting time currently and there hasn't been much time for that sadly. 

The tea cosy just needs to be seamed and have a pompom made and attached.  It's probably the least of my worries but I am concerned about the pompom.  My yarn is limited and I don't have any room for error if it doesn't go right so I think I'm procrastinating.

Finally, the socks have reached the dangerous "second-sock-syndrome" zone.  I finished the first on Thursday but ignored my own cardinal rule about immediately casting on the second and now here it is Sunday and if I don't get my act together they won't be ready for tomorrow's train ride.

I am rather liking the pattern though.  It's Torrent, from Tin Can Knits and anyone who knows me can tell you how much I enjoy their patterns.  The yarn is from Fiberific!; it's the Sunflower base but there wasn't a colourway listed on the ball band.  I picked it up last year at Bendigo Sheep and Wool and it's a very lovely match with the pattern, don't you think?

I also cast on another Woolamai, this one in a chartreuse colourway.  You can read more about that over on the Whisky Bay Woollens journal, if you're interested.

I think I really need to get focused!


rebecca said...

Ah, they are all so lovely, but which one to do? I would be like a rabbit in the headlights! Teacosy looking very fine, so glad you get to take it home this year! And the hap...oh my... Just the prettiest one I ever did see.

nicole said...

You can do it!!
Those socks are gorgeous! Hope you get a whole heap done on the train to and fro tomorrow.

WildflowerWool said...

All lovely but I especially like the hap and the socks!

2paw said...

I am envious, I ahve no WIPs. My poorliness through Winter means I have hardly knitted at all, but I made a Dalek and a hat so I am back into the swing!! Nice socks, very nice socks, good luck with #2.

Caffeine Girl said...

Focus is over-rated? Why finish objects in an organized fashion when you can have 10 or 20 OTN?
Your entries are all lovely, but I have to say that the socks are especially striking. Tin Can does great patterns. I hope you got casted on in time for the next day's train!