Monday, November 19, 2007

37 is the new 28, didn't you know?

This year when Lily asked me what she could get me for my birthday, I said, "Make me something." So she did.

She made me Something alright, more than I could ever have wished for - she made me a birthday cake! (ok, I made the batter and the icing, but she did the most important thing in my eyes - she decorated it!)

Nana had a little hand in the amazing candle choice (it's a singing lotus flower that opens it's petals out when the candles are lit!), but really, Lily could not have given me a more perfect gift.

It feels like the end of a spectacularly crappy year, but on the other hand, endings are just beginnings, no? I'm choosing "glass half full" today (particularly if it's half full of something, ahem, medicinal).

How could one not see things positively when one's brilliant and talented child has created this?


Rose Red said...

Oh my, just looking at that cake has given me a sugar induced headache! So sweet! (and this time, not in a sugar way, but in a awww, your kid is so sweet way!).

The candle is amazing.

Happy Birthday!

Christabel said...

Wow! That cake is super cool.
Happy happy birthday, and I hope your glass is more than half full by the end of it.

Madge said...

Happy birthday to ewe
Happy birthday to ewe
Happy birthday dear Kylie
Happy birthday to ewe!

Wishing you bigger and better things in the year to come.

And is Lily destined to become a pastry chef? I think so. Her cake decorating skills rock.

comealongdearie said...

happy birthday, belatedly!
hope you had a lovely day. I'm new to your blog and loving your knitting adventures - most inspiring. x jessie

Carson said...

It's your birthday?
So how come the 'flashing cupcake' didn't come up on your ravelry? that's how I keep track these days doncha know?
Hope you had a good one.
That lotus candle? Fantastic.

Live 2 Knit said...

Happy Birthday!!!

That's one awesome cake, you all did a fantastic job, especially Lily :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!

What an amazing cake. Love the decoration, and the lotus candle- what a great idea!

Octopus Knits said...

Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful cake : )

OzKnitter said...

Wow! What a fantastic cake and candle. Lily did a super job.

Happy belated Birthday K. With very best wishes for a super-fabulous year ahead, may it be filled with lots of fun, happiness, good fortune and lots of great yarn.