Tuesday, January 15, 2008

oh, the joy! the rapture!

sock rockin'; rockin' socks; socks that rock - it all feels very Dr Seuss!

A very generous friend (and wicked enabler!) gave me a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts for Christmas, and my haul arrived today!

I decided to make the most of the shipping and nabbed an extra skein at the same time...

Please allow me to introduce my latest additions -

Socks that Rock lightweight, in "Valkyrie" (from the Raven series); "Hard Rock" and "Rooster Rock" - yum!

The Raven Clan series is the one I'm particularly interested in at the moment. From an artist's point of view, I really liked the notion of adding colour to black... I am currently working on a sock pattern, in homage to Saint Nick, and this colourway will be perfect!

Hard Rock I couldn't resist, I mean - it's hot pink and black! People, it doesn't get any better than that!

Rooster Rock is the most gorgeous blend, with tan, lilac, violet, a little khaki and cherry, and to top it off, Foghorn Leghorn orange - divine!

Can't wait to get these beautys cast on!


Bells said...

serious joy and rapture! Woo hoo! I have valkyrie and love it to bits. I will be very excited to see what you make with these kgirl! Excellent choices!

Rose Red said...

Oooh nice choices!! I got Valkyrie too, but in the Silkie (snaps to us all!!)

Christabel said...

Wonderful! So jealous. Can't wait to see them knitted up.

Madge said...

*angels singing*

Glorious colorways. I just received Hard Rock and a Raven (Ravenscroft - I'm such a green girl) in Leticia for Xmas, too! Aren't they heavenly? Aaaah.

Can't wait for the St. Nick pattern! Sooo glad you're writing it.

*harps strumming, sun shining, wings fluttering*

TinkingBell said...

Pretty - so pretty! Lovely - I want some!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! There's something about opening a box of STR that just makes you weak at the knees, isn't there?

When I've reduced my stash to a reasonable level (ie, when I can walk through the house without having to step over yarn) I must try the Ravens series.

Live 2 Knit said...
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Live 2 Knit said...

Awesome colours, can't wait for a bit of show & tell :)

(sorry for earlier comment - can't spell today)

cher said...

I should not could not buy more yarn


I could put them in a box
I could share them with a fox
I could love them, you will see
I could knit them in a tree!

knititch said...

great with socks for the saint. i always thought i'd make an argyle vest in homage to him. i found it a bit difficult to associate him with knitted things even though i have seen him on a dvd wearing the cutest pastel sweater.