Sunday, January 06, 2008

new works

First new project for 2008.

Pea Pod Cardigan, from Knit2Together.

I just love those little knitted peas!

I ripped out Arisaig, and am using the cashmere/lambswool yarn for this project instead.

I am happy that I've made the right decision - Arisaig, whilst very beautiful, and a lovely pattern to knit, is just simply not a cardigan-style that suits me. (I am strangely always drawn to wrap-around cardigans, despite never liking how they end up looking on me, but I am slowly learning how to select styles that flatter me and thus end up being worn!)

Pea Pod follows a classic shape, and I already have two similar (store bought) cardigans on high rotation in my wardrobe, so I feel confident that this new addition will be welcomed.

Considering it's knit in 4ply (fingering weight) on 2.75mm needles, it's knitting up reasonably fast. I've just completed the first front, and have decided to tackle the massive expanse of stocking stitch that is the back next.


2paw said...

Oh the peas in the pod look beautiful!! How lovely!! I have a penchant for the wrap around too, but one cardi I made was too square and looks awful.

Rose Red said...

Oh that is lovely - and small yarn and small sticks - you go girl on that! It will be gorgeous!

cher said...

Can't wait to see the progress on this. The peas in the pod are sooo cute.

Leonie said...

I look atrocious in wrap around clothing too. I finally came to that realisation earlier this year when I bought a wrap dress on sale during my break without trying it on. When I mentioned that to my coworker, she said something to the effect of, "well, it'll be fine because wrap dresses suit everyone!" And right at that moment my brain screamed at me "OMG! They look good on everyone EXCEPT FOR ME!" I got home, tried it on, and found my brain was correct.

TinkingBell said...

Pretty pretty! I love the wraps too - and they look OK - but then almost everything would look better if I lost 20kg!

shula said...

Peas are very cool.

Susan said...

The peas are lovely. Nice knitting.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment on my blog. Good to be back after a bit of an absence. Thinking about Redhill Show too.