Sunday, July 20, 2008

forget love, wool is the drug

back home from Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show, and totally exhausted, but in a really good way.

Such an amazing time away - met heaps of Ravelers, stayed out drinking and talking, laughing with new friends waaaay later than I should have ;), got to handle wool I had only read about, and discovered wool I'd never heard of. Had BBQ breakfast by the lake with a bunch of like-minded souls, all resplendent in handknits, and spent most of Saturday out at the Showgrounds going round and round, discovering new stands each time!

came home with the bags stuffed to breaking point, and looking like a total wool mule! My head is still reeling from the whole weekend, but I just wanted to show you a couple of things before I
collapse in my bed!

Pear Tree 12ply in Nut:

Pear Tree 8ply in Camo:

and some more Pear Tree 8ply in Blush and Galah:

such beautiful wool, I think I may leave this lot on "open display" in the main living area!

more to come over the next few days...

oh, and 62cherry has tagged me for a meme, which I must remember to get to, once my brain comes back down to earth and the heady wool fumes have cleared!!!


Rose Red said...

SO JEALOUS!! And did you wear the gumbies?

sue said...

Oh such gorgeous yarn. Wish I had of been able to go. Oh well the craft and stitches show is on this weekend so I perhaps might purchase some yarn on Friday.

kgirl said...

sure did wear my gumbies, and they were *loved* by all!!!!

TinkingBell said...

Oh - how gorgeous (and you want MY stash ????? I want yours (and mine - I'm envious - not stupid!) Adore the gummies - where did they come from!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

We'll definitely catch up at Bendi next year!

Gracia said...

Knitty brilliance... sounds and looks like you had a swell time of it.
Enjoy the tail end of the weekend, g xx