Sunday, November 09, 2008

new shoes

My faithful old red Converse boots finally threw their laces up in defeat, and said "Enough! We are old, we are tired, we have had a great time, and it's time for us to rest now"

So I bought these as an early birthday present to myself.

loving them silly.

We survived our whirlwind party-weekend last week - a lot of driving thankfully with lots of giggles and fun. This weekend is understandably much quieter and relaxed.

and do we all realise it is but 6 & a half short weeks 'til Christmas?! Lily's lists have already started appearing on the fridge - bless her heart, but there will be NO PONY :) It is definitely worth a try, though, little miss!

How's everyone's crafting coming along? I've done NOTHING, which is most unusual for me. I've decided to limit the knitting this season and stick with sewing - much faster, and a bit of a change.

I have got my wrappings organised, though - I'll post photos another time :) I've gone with a blue and red theme, haberdashery accents and a neutral base, so pleased!


Anonymous said...

Ugh - 6 1/2? I'm not sure I wanted that reality check! As ever I have gone from saying that I will not make anything for anybody to agreeing to make a 'few' things. I think I have to cast on for one today, and forget about projects for myself for a while!

62cherry said...

cuuuuute :)

Bells said...

Me like! A lot. Too cute.

I'm 2.5 pairs of fingerless mitts into my list. Doing great. I'm making the most of the current enthusiasm, knowing it will certainly wane.

Rose Red said...

Love the new Converse!! Really must replace my old red ones...but I think I'll go with gold old red again!

Hmmm, Christmas knitting - what's that??!!

louise said...

No pony! Surely not. Did you say 6.5 weeks, that's far to scary for me to contemplate.