Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more babies? seriously?

This little baby is getting a brother or sister in the near future, so once again, the needles have been click-clacking with babywear...

It's a free Debbie Bliss pattern; very simple, knit all in one piece (even better) and super quick. Cast on to Cast off took two days. I used a bamboo/wool blend which was an 8ply/dk weight, although the pattern called for worsted. I simply used 4.5mm needles instead of 5mm and made the 3-6m size, and it seemed to turn out just fine. It's probably more like a 3m size, but that's perfect for the time of year this little one is due.

and, despite many indications to the contrary, I finished the zig-zag socks!

I had long decided that these were never to become a pair, but somehow, they found their way onto the needles one night and whoosh! they were complete.

Not my favourite knit, I have to say. It was perhaps in hindsight not a good pairing of yarn and pattern? The pattern calls for 2.25mm needles and The Knittery cashmere/merino is full and just a bit splitty, and therefore better suited to 2.75mm needles, I feel. The resulting fabric is a little stiff, and there are a lot of spilt stitches when you look closely (don't look!).
I think I'll give this pattern (from Vogue Socks) another go in a different yarn - perhaps Colinette Jitterbug?

I messed up the zig with the zag at some point during the gusset on the second sock too (again, don't look!). Oh yeah, I also missed one pattern repeat on the leg on one, so they are different lengths!! oh well...

They are, however, the most perfect pair of PJ socks I have ever owned :)


Bells said...

very cute pj socks!! I think the result is lovely, even if you didn't really enjoy it.

Nice baby knit! Nice blend. Good work!

Rose Red said...

It's funny isn't how you can sometimes leave a wip for ages, and then just pick it up and finish it like *that*. I think they look great!

Love the baby cardi, very sweet!

Reckless Glue said...

ok, I totally need to file that pattern away for future baby-knitting reference. I love the shawl collar on cute!

Donyale said...

Me likey but me likey the jaaaaarmies too.

Leonie said...

Like the pink, fan of the tonal blends in pink, and they look great with the pj's! Sometimes all it takes is bit of time and space and all of a sudden something challenging becomes *done*, nice work.

The baby jacket is very sweet and such a lovely colour, it will be worn often and well no doubt.

FlauschiOhren said...

I can't see any messed up parts, I can only see gorgeous socks. The pattern, the colour - just perfect. Very nice.

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