Friday, March 19, 2010

busy girl

South Sea Roller Derby League - Feb 2010

Life has been keeping this girl busy so far this year - my apologies for the sporadic posting :(

In addition to training three times a week with South Sea Roller Derby, I've taken on a coaching position within the League and am also the head of the Media & Publicity committee.

Last weekend saw me training Friday night for two hours, Saturday night was the VRDL season opener bout (go Dolls au Go Go, go!) and Sunday we had an information stand at a local community festival from 9-2, then I assisted with our latest Bootcamp sessions 4.30-6.30pm!

Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% loving it - it just doesn't leave room for much else.

So much so that the Red Hill Show entry deadlines have been and gone without a contribution from myself. I even had the knitted pieces ready to go, just missed the cutoff for the entry forms? I'm trying to tell myself that it's ok, I will be more organised next year, but I know I'm going to feel a pang of regret next weekend when I'm looking at the knitting displays and there's nothing of mine there.

On the knitting front, there are still days in a row where I don't get a chance to pick up my sticks, but I'm plodding along on Entomology and I've only got 1 & 1/2 repeats to go before the border!

Another one of my cousins (there are a few!) has had her first babe, the darling little Maximillian, so there has also been baby knitting. A little vest for this baby who's living up north, using soft Bendigo 8ply cotton (I can never get over how soft this yarn is?) in periwinkle blue.

As part of the Media & Publicity committee duties we've started a SSRD blog so you can always catch up with me over there too!


2paw said...

Bad luck missing the cut off date, but your knitting there looks very soothing and lovely!!
Glad you love your Roller Derby!!

Donyale said...

Busy little skating bee - man you are going to be FIT AS A FIDDLE whenst we meet. How will you cope with a couple of days off from the skates?

kgirl said...

ha ha, Donni - I'm planning to see if the Bendigo league will let me train with them one of the days we're there!

Rose Red said...

There's always next year's show! And think how superorganised you are going to feel with your knitting already done for it!

The vest looks really cute!

And go roller derby! So cool you've found something you love so much!

DrK said...

great looking crew youve got there! knitting can wait anyway. enjoy!

knitabulous said...

How you feel about the Red Hill Show is EXACTLY how I feel about the Easter Show in Sydney this year. I left it till the last minute and then forgot to enter! Which is okay of course, but the preview is next week and I'll feel the same little pang.

Much empathy there.

Anonymous said...


prashant said...

looks very soothing and lovely!!
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