Thursday, September 15, 2011

Podcasts (and an FO- truly!)

I'm always on the hunt for new podcasts to follow, and since being off work even more so. I'm a longtime listener to Stash & Burn. I really like the interaction between Jenny and Nicole, and the topics they discuss. Under normal circumstances their posting schedule of about once a month has been perfect for me, but having prolonged time on my hands, I've been jonesing for just a little bit more.

so I don't actually recall how I found The Knit Girllls, but find them I did, and I've been obsessing about them ever since! It's a vidcast, and they post once a week, covering repeating topics of On the Needles, Finished Objects, Spinning progress, and the occasional review of patterns or new books. I've enjoyed this podcast so much that I went to Ravelry and joined their group, plus added both to my friends list. To my thrill, they both responded by immediately adding me right

They recently reviewed the new book, My Grandmothers Knitting by Larissa Brown, which I'm hoping to add to an order this week. So many beautiful projects that I would probably never have seen, but also just some beautiful stories from people about their family relation with knitting.

What other knitting podcasts are people listening on and can recommend? I'd love to find some local content, but not having much luck. The U.S. ones are great, and thanks to Ravelry the patterns and yarns referred to are easy enough to find, but it would be awesome to find the Australian/Nz equivalent.

Ok, and to finish today's post - as promised;a Finished Object!

Mum's Gratitude socks are off the needles and they are lovely.  I can't wait to give them to her next time she visits.  Here they are with my nicely healing scar for reference of why they were knit.

To recap:  simple 64st garter rib socks with Eye of Partridge heel flap and standard toe. Yarn is The Knittery Merino 4ply in "Berrylicous"

so now there is nothing on the needles but a nearly-finished-oh-so-close Stellar cardigan and the Ripple Rug monster...  must be time for a cast-on frenzy, methinks!

p.s. thank you to everyone for the support and feedback on the epic Ripple Rug debate!  I have decided to make it my "TV" project and work on it steadily until December but if it's not finished by Christmas, it's either frogged or re-homed.

p.p.s  oh, the socks were my Marlenes -  well guessed Leonie & Tara ;)


Sue said...

Great to find another listener to podcasts. I have a long list which should keep you busy.
Knitmore Girls - audio
Domestikated Darling - video
Knit 1 Heart Too - Video
Wolfe Farms - video
Dramatic Knits - Video
Knitting Blooms - video
Stitch It - audio
A Playful Day - audio
Electric Sheep - audio
Stitchonomy - video and made in Melbourne
Sticks and String - audio Oz
Knitting Up A Storm - audio
if you want more there is a list at

Rachael said...

I don't listen to many podcasts but one I really like (non knitting) is This American Life. It's just really interesting.

Rose Red said...

I only listen to Stash and Burn and Cast On, and even then rarely, so I'm nit much help. But every time I read about this topic, several people mention This American Life, and I keep forgetting to check it out.

Look at that scar! Wow and ugh, hurty! You poor thing.

DrK said...

im no help on the podcast thing, i dont think ive ever listened to one, which is silly really. but if i had a broken ankle im sure i would! nice scar, by the way! and those socks are gorgeous, i really miss the knittery. sigh.

Leonie said...

That's an awesome scar.

I'm a Knitmore Girls and Knit Wits listener.