Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A day off for a horse race? Who am I to complain?!

So for those who aren't in Melbourne, today is Cup Day.  The day off for the "race that stops a nation".  Don't know about that, but I am grateful for the day off work today, I will admit.
(Although I would rather it not be at the expense of animals and rich men making money off them (and punters), but that is another much longer discussion)

Anyway, I have some finished objects to share!

I made a felted plant mat out of my bargain-but-itchy-as-hell-yet-too-beautiful-to-throw-away yarn

It's so sweet, sitting under my white frilly cyclamen like a little lake. I have plan to make some more, maybe stripe them using up other felting wool?

I also finished another Springtime beret, this time for my girl.  She loved her cousin's one so much she requested one of her own.  It's a completely different hat in a sturdier yarn.  I do like the mohair version, I have to admit, but Lily is super happy with her new red beret so everyone wins!

Oh, and this weekend I went into 3RRR and chatted with the Radio Marinara crew about roller derby!

What's that, you say?  Marine-life and derby have a connection?!  Well, it was very tenuous, but yes; yes they do!  (Hint = our league is the "South Sea" Roller Derby league)

It was such a blast, and Bron & Angeline were so delightful to chat with.  You can listen here if you would like to,


WildflowerWool said...

What a great use of itchy wool!

Rose Red said...

Maybe you could make a chevron striped felted bag!

2paw said...

Love the plant underneather. Very nice with the pebbles. I could care less about a horse race, other than I wish they wouldn't whip the horses. Glad you had a nice day off!!