Wednesday, December 28, 2011

lazy days

ahh, the post-Christmas I love it so!

We enjoyed a small but lovely family Christmas this year, hosted by my Mum.  The lunch rolled into dinner, then late night nibbles, and finally we all ended up staying the night.  Waking up all together was one of the most surprisingly enjoyable parts.

of course, I did have to endure (briefly) wearing a paper crown.

and much to the dismay of a few members of our party, this did not make it to our gathering.

maybe next year ;)

and now we are spending time lazing away days, working on craft projects, sitting in the sun, going for bike rides and the beach, and catching up with friends and family who are doing similar. 

Nearly daily one of us will ask "What day is it  today - Tuesday? Wednesday?" as the days roll into one.

Hope everyone is having an equally relaxing break..


Linty said...

The thing with the days is the same here. Have a couple of appointments this week and have to keep saying 'what day is this'. LOL. Marry Christmas and a Guid New Year from Scotland. x

DrK said...

i love that feeling of not knowing what day it is. i also love the feeling of not actually having to do anything if i dont want to! glad you had a lovely christmas day, it sounds perfect.

Emma said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely Christmas break.

That gingerbread house is awesome!

Leonie said...

Falling through the days like in Summer when we were kids. Oh we had no idea back then just how wonderful it is! The gingerbread crack house is awesome :-) Have a great New Year with lots of relaxing knitting time!

Rose Red said...

Heh heh, love the crack house!

I had the same experience, could not for the life of me remember which day it was at all last week! (still having trouble...heh heh)