Monday, December 19, 2011

Silly what?

So much for the so-called "Silly Season" - December is shaping up to be a pretty fabulous month here at kgirlknits!

I went to Meredith Music Festival, which is kind of one of my favourite festivals ever.  Not only was it an awesome line up, but I got to spend time with a really cool bunch of people, including my girl and her beautiful aunty Suse, for the first time all together.

3 days of fantastic weather, music and company left us all in a very happy place as we came back to face the silliest of the season!

That said, the shopping is all done (thanks this year mainly to online marketplaces, like Etsy and madeit - huzzah!), the tree is up and the mood is calm...

I even had time to go pick up my hula hoop today!  Yep, as part of my Christmas-present-to-myself ritual, I booked in for hula hoop classes with Circus Oz in the new year!!  Hooping it something I've wanted to learn for a long time, but somehow the time and opportunity have never coincided..until now! 

I had a quick go before I put it under the tree, and it's AWESOME!  Can't wait to get started come January...

Knitting has taken a pleasant part in the month too, with ample time at Meredith during the days to finish my garter stitch cowl.

I've pared back my baby knitting due to overwhelming demand (my, the people I know are good breeders!) and now am making wee hats for all the new little people arriving in my circles. 

It was a necessity for both my enjoyment in the process, and the time I have available.  The majority of my friends are now onto second or third babies, so I figure they will understand.

So right now, I'm going to kick back with some very last minute Christmas knitting, because I have time and inclination - both very lovely things to be in possession of at this stage of the game :D


DrK said...

good idea to switch to hats, much easier, and is there anything more cute than a handknitted new born hat? your girl really is gorgeous! and i cant wait to see how you go with the hula hoop. are you planning on combining that with some skates perhaps?!

Rose Red said...

I can totally see you hula hooping! Extreme hooping even (think you will need a few more hoops!).

The good thing about knitteds for babies is that they can be handed down to younger siblings. And will go so nicely with new little hats!

2paw said...

Oh, hula hooping!! Circus is big here in the north of the state. There are classes and weekend workshops. I'd love the be on the flying trapeze!! hats are always a welcome gift.