Friday, August 31, 2012

Kaffe Latte

Following on from the compliments of my venture into colour last week, I grabbed some Kaffe Fasset Regia sock yarn from the stash, in a particularly colourful self-striping sequence, and cast on these; a simple pattern to showcase the gorgeous yarn - Vanilla Latte socks.

I *love* all the colours in this yarn.  I find myself "barracking" for the cornflower blue/aqua section, and stripes really do seem to go faster.

I've just turned the heel on the second sock, a mere week after casting on, and I can't wait to finish and wear them in the week to come!!


WildflowerWool said...

Enjoy your new socks. Great colours!

2paw said...

I'm barracking for the aqua too. I agree, striped socks go faster and red stripes must be the fastest of all!!

Sue said...

I have some KF sock yarn too which may be the very same colorway. I might have to pull mine out and knit some xmas gift socks I think! Yours look wonderful and I can just imagine the stripes making them go faster!

Rose Red said...

This is the BEST KF colourway! I barracked for the red, of course, when I made mine!