Tuesday, August 28, 2012

pretty packages in the mail

 Every now and then, a girl just has to treat herself, you know?

This sweet parcel arrived in today's mail...

These two are from Slipped Stitch Studios, and the project bag was called "Rockabilly Pirate" (how could I resist??)  

The blue skull stitch markers are just the cherry on the cake, aren't they?  I love them.

Even though I can capably make project bags and stitch markers, it's nice to just have some come to your door ready-made.

The parcel came with a lovely note and an offer for 10% off for my friends - just jump on the shop site via this link http://slippedstitch.refr.cc/B9J7QRV  before Sept 15th, start shopping and use the discount code that's displayed when making your purchase! How nice is that?

If you feel inclined (and no obligation!), you can let them know who you found out about the store from by leaving my email address (the artfullittleminx@gmail.com is my etsy address) in the "Notes to seller" section, and they will pass on 15% discount to me on my next purchase. 

I do love a good deal like that, don't you?


Rose Red said...

It is nice to treat yourself every so often! And great customer service to offer discounts too!

2paw said...

I agree, it is nice to have a treat, it's why you do all the hard work. Such cute piratical pale blue!! It is nice to get a discount too. Sadly, I knit stitch markers into my knitting as embellishments.