Wednesday, August 07, 2013

year to date

I have done a little bit of maintenance on the blog this month, tidying up WIP's list, adding things to 2013 FO's and making sure they are linked, etc.

It dawned on me that I have already completed 16 pieces this year, and that includes 2 adult-sized garments and a BLANKET!

For me, that's rather prolific.  

Do I set a goal for a specific number of FO's by the end of the year?  Or do I go with the flow and let what will be will be? no restrictions, man!

What sort of number of FO's would be a goodly aim, do you all think?  I have 2 adult-sized garments on the needles, a cabled beanie in the planning, and I need to have a tea-cosy finished by Sept 11 for the Royal Melbourne Show Great Tea Cosy Swap.  

I think a feasibly challenge would be 24 in total - averaging 2 per month for 2013.  

8 more FO's by New Year's Eve?  I think that's totally do-able.


Rebecca said...

Do you know I reckon that one of the most wonderful things about the blog thing is that you get to see your knitting as a body of work. It doesn't just disappear, it stands proudly. Be proud Andi, this is superb work, a year so pleasingly spent. The hap shawl is beautiful. Estimates sound right. Enjoy!

2paw said...

Oh, you have a magnificent body of work there!! So many things and two proper grown up articles: that's good!!
I don't have big goals, I'd like to finish my two cardigans, and some socks. But because I do other crafty things I don't have so many goals just for knitting.
Good luck with your tea cosy.

DrK said...

oh i am impressed! it does add up doesnt it? its interesting to see how much you can create when you dont put any rules on it. you can definitely get to 24 at that rate.

Bells said...

Now you've got me curious to check my tally!
You can do it! I want to see a report on 24 projects in the new year :-)

kgirl said...

I'd love to see your work this year, all together, Bells

kgirl said...

I'm think I'm going to give it a crack :)

kgirl said...
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kgirl said...
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Rose Red said...

I can't remember the last time I finished a whole adult garment...maybe 2 years ago! You've done great!