Thursday, December 12, 2013

making plans

I’m currently finishing up my 2013 projects, putting to bed a year in knitting and spending some time both reflecting on the year that was, and beginning to make plans for the year ahead.

I've been thinking about how much I've enjoyed my little personal challenge of 24 projects in 12 months, and have decided to set some more such challenges for 2014.

I’m at that delicious stage of the planning process where every project on my list is exciting me, and I keep finding even more new and wonderful things to add! 

Firstly, I know in 2014 I want to work on pieces that form a collection, rather than a more random, individual project methodology.  Accessories and garments that come together to compliment both each other and my existing wardrobe pieces.

A Year in Sweaters by Season

I've loosely put together the idea of working in seasons.  The aim of this set is to pick 4 garments that relate in some way to the season they are to be finished by – be it in a design attribute, a gauge, a yarn…

Jan-Mar: Autumn 

Peasy cardigan, using Rowan Felted Tweed DK in Seasalter.  Such a versatile pattern and yarn/colour – I have tons to wear this with, from dresses to skirts, to jeans and shorts.  Perfect transitional wear, in my opinion

Apr-Jun: Winter    
Miette cardigan, using Cascade 220 worsted in Yakima Heather to wear with a cute little mint coloured floral dress, tights and cowboy boots!  

Jul-Sep: Spring

Fieldwork cardigan, using Berroco Ultra Fine Alpaca in Redwood Mix.  This colour looks fabulous with a lavender top I have, and I can see it with cuffed jeans and Converse.

Oct-Dec: Summer           

Hexacomb cardigan, using Louisa Harding Ianthe in Raffia.  An oldie of a pattern, but still very relevant to my wardrobe, with its slightly vintage styling.  The ¾ sleeves and wool/cotton blend will make it a lovely little summer cardigan for sunfrocks and skirts.


In this set, I’m putting a concentrated effort into making pieces for Show competitions in 2014, starting with the Red Hill Show in March, then Bendigo Sheep & Wool in July, and finishing with the Royal Melbourne Show in September.  They will hopefully also work back with the Seasonal pieces, so I'm thinking they will mainly be accessories and homewares.

At this stage, I’m still working out which pieces I want to enter in which show, but I do know that I definitely want to attempt a lace-weight baby shawl for the Royal Melbourne.  I want to make an heirloom piece for Lily, and I’ve found a couple of great shawl patterns (one is even named “Lily”!)

I know I am going to see things, new things, throughout the year that I am going to Have. To. Knit straight away, so I’m trying to leave enough leeway within my planning to accommodate this spontaneous aspect too.  As much as I do enjoy my little quests and challenges, I think I’ve established that it’ really important to me within my craft to have some freedom to just cast on and work away on a whim.  So I’m also setting the additonal goal of an accessory a month – free choice!  (Free choice, but I’m naturally I'm already making lists, hahaha!!)

Oh, and the Gingko Crescent shawl is finally cast on ;) 

I’m just about to start the lacework.


2paw said...

I love the green Fieldwork cardigan, and the Miette is always so nice. It is so very organised and thoughtful of you to make a knitting plan!!! Such a nice assortment of colours and wool too. I think a new year is like writing on the first page of a new exercise book: you want it to be perfect and lovely. I hope your year is so!!!

Rose Red said...

Gosh I love the colour of the Felted Tweed!
I don't think I'll be making any (many?) detailed knitting plans for 2014. After February especially!
But I look forward to seeing yours come to fruition!

needleandspindle said...

You amaze and inspire me that you are raising your head to see beyond Christmas. The themed knitting strategy for next year is great. i particularly applaude the show theme.

DrK said...

i love your planning! im very much about things in sets now too, too often i've made things that dont go together and then never wear them! these are going to be amazing. happy 2014 knitwear!

Leonie said...

I love your planning, it is very inspiring. Seeing your 24 turn up during the year has been wonderful, such successes you have had! Wishing you easy partnering between yarn, needles and patterns so that 2014 can be as good, if not better, on the knitting front than 2013 :-)